Modern Drive Technology: Introduction of the start-up

Modern Drive Technology, based in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Bavaria, is a leading company in the field of networked mobile machinery. As pioneers in this field, the company has been working since 2002 to harness the potential of telematics and cloud solutions to revolutionize the industry.

Originally founded as the research and development department of a renowned construction group, MDT has in-depth practical knowledge and understands the industry's requirements first-hand.

MDT's main goal is to revolutionize the performance and efficiency of mobile machinery. With a dedicated team of experts in software development, project planning and engineering, the company relies on breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions to deliver real value to their customers.

The innovative cloud solution MACHINES.CLOUD enables companies to monitor their machines in real time, analyze data and make informed decisions. The platform is, thanks to its white label concept, freely configurable and scalable. With the integrated tools, digitization projects can be implemented quickly and without programming skills. The open approach of MACHINES.CLOUD, with transparent documentation and open interfaces, allows all ecosystems to be used and remain independent.

The cloud solution is rounded off by Modern Drive Technology as a full-service provider. The company always takes a holistic view of people, technology and engineering and supports its business partners in achieving business results quickly. By combining expertise, practical relevance and technology innovations, they help their customers realize their full potential and increase their competitiveness.

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Modern Drive Technology GmbH


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Product overview


Already in 2002 we started to develop our own hardware. With this know-how we also test and evaluate external suppliers. This way we can provide you with the best hardware for any application scenario.


Our MACHINES.CLOUD is an open, "low-code" cloud solution that allows you to network your machines quickly and easily. Monitor machine data and create workflows in real time.


Our experts support you on your way to a networked machine park right from the start. From project management to development and engineering services, we are always at your disposal.


Modern Drive Technology GmbH

Rettichstraße 7

92318 Neumarkt

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