Fabeo: Introduction of the start-up

Fabeo is a swedish company based in Malmö that started up in beginning of 2022.

Fabeo is an auction company with a focus on meeting needs and promoting sustainable machine business for our customers. Our team itself comes from industries such as agriculture, contracting and haulage, therefore we also know how important it is for machines to be reused and reused again. And in a larger sustainability perspective, everyone must think more circularly. For both the environment and the economy.
This is where Fabeo matters.

There are machines and vehicles on the market that are either used less due to the fact that the conditions have changed or that have in principle been left over after a new purchase. Well, there are many more reasons than that. Vehicles and machines that are fully functional and have more to offer, but which are simply in the wrong place.
This is where Fabeo makes a difference.

With our deep knowledge, personal approach and our digital auction platforms, we have an arena where sellers and buyers, together with us, can easily meet.
Where the Right machine ends up in the Right place quite simply.

Our promise to you is also our cornerstone in everything we do:
Knowledge - Accessibility - Sustainability - Security

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Fabeo AB

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