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821 M – The Green Helper in Need

The Bavarian county seat city of Deggendorf was also heavily affected by the hundred year flood. Broad swaths of the city were up to 4 m underwater. To process the large amounts of bulky waste, SENNEBOGEN provided a new 821 M of the up-to-date E series, which had been used for loading and sorting in the gravel quarry of Hacker Katharina OHG.


Until then, the gravel plant in Natternberg was a storage site for construction waste and soil. But at the beginning of June 2013, the plant had to make room for meter-high mountains of bulky waste. After delivered by truck from the flood areas, the trash was presorted and centrally stored here temporarily prior to further processing.

In this use in Deggendorf, the machine had to meet a special challenge: With a maximum ceiling height of less than 10 m, a compact machine was needed for loading. With a width of 2.55 m and a height of 5.98 m with fully extended driver's cab, the SENNEBOGEN 821 M is very agile and compact. And so it was ideally suited for this use. With its multi-shell grab, this flexible machine is optimally suited for dipping easily and cleanly into containers or other receptacles. With a gripper weight of 1,450 kg and a capacity of 600 l, fast opening and closing are guaranteed.

The elevating Maxcab comfort driver's cab is especially praised by the driver, Andre Buchmiller. He values the optimal panorama view, which gives him an ideal overview of what is happening in his work area. The continuously adjustable cab is a further plus factor. With a height of sight of up to 5.70 m, the driver keeps everything in view.

Installed in the machine is a Cummins diesel engine with a power rating of 97 kW. This corresponds to the current exhaust standard of stage IIIb / TIER4i. Nitrogen oxides are reduced through exhaust aftertreatment, and fine dust pollution through the diesel particle filter. Noise emissions have also been reduced in the newly designed machine - this contributes enormously to easing its environmental impact, for the family-owned company SENNEBOGEN places great value on "GREEN EFFICIENCY".

"The clean-up effort for bulky waste produced by the flood at first seemed to have no end. The compact material handling machine provided by SENNEBOGEN for this purpose was a very great help to us. Thanks to its large multi-shell grab, we were able to place many loads of bulky waste on the trucks in a very short time. The machine was extremely reliable and always ensured a trouble-free process."
Technical Head, Tobias Hacker