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A Galaxy of Innovative Products Worldwide ZOOMLION Participates at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, one of the three most influential international exhibitions on construction machinery, will be held on March 7-11, 2017 in Las Vegas. As a century old international exposition on construction machinery, CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 will be a tremendous occasion to see lots of international leading suppliers at one place. A total of 13 machines will be exhibited by ZOOMLION, the world's leading equipment manufacturer, with its global sub-brands CIFA and M-TEC at booth G2793, including concrete machinery, tower crane, dry mortar machinery and industrial vehicle.


At CONEXPO 2017, the exhibition booth of ZOOMLION has a total exhibition area of about 1,200m2. ZOOMLION’s new VI standards are adopted in the design of the booth to completely demonstrate the idea of green and intelligent manufacturing. Meanwhile, the layout of the booth not only fully exhibits the close strategic relationship between ZOOMLION Group and its sub-brands, but also highlights ZOOMLION’s overseas strategy of “Dealers, Spare Parts and Localization”.

The star products exhibited by ZOOMLION at CONEXPO 2017 include CIFA’s truck-mounted pumps K60H, K42L and K36C, tower crane T8030-25, M-TEC’s M330 and DuoMix200 as well as several models of newly-developed forklifts that are firstly showcased at CONEXPO. These products have taken on an entirely new look thanks to the integration of a new set of standard VI colors, namely aurora green, gravel gray and cobalt gray. Besides, these exhibits are especially developed for the American market to meet customers’ demands in terms of product performance and technological innovation.

At CONEXPO 2017, truck-mounted pump K60H that applies carbon fiber technology, ZOOMLION CIFA’s revolutionary achievement in research and development, will be showcased. With improved boom strength and reduced boom weight, K60H adopts advanced electronic management system—SMARTRONIC control system. Featuring high stability and intelligence, the system can realize real-time monitoring of the entire pumping process, so as to facilitate operators’ pumping operation and control.

At the same time, highly-efficient and intelligent topless tower crane T8030-25 that is specially developed for the high-end market will also appear brilliantly at CONEXPO 2017. Jointly developed by ZOOMLION and P&J Company in the North America, the tower crane boasts excellent hoisting capacity and working performance with a max. hoisting weight of 25t and a variable jib length ranging from 40m to 80m. Besides, equipped with intelligent fault diagnosis system, the product can realize easy maintenance, stable and safe frequency conversion during hoisting and lowering operations, and stable HVV control for slewing operations under intermediate or high speed. T8030-25 was used to construct the ROLEX building located in downtown Dallas and was very popular in BAUMA 2016 held in Munich, Germany.

In 2013, ZOOMLION acquired MTEC Company, a globally renowned dry mortar machinery manufacturer. At CONEXPO 2017, MTEC will exhibit M330 dry mortar pump and duo-mix double-mixing pump, between which the latter one, with superior adaptability to ingredients and raw materials, is a type of versatile construction machine. The machine employs powerful double-mixing technology and auto-control technology, requires no special tools for cleaning and repair, and displays remarkable advantages of easy operation and transfer.


What’s more, several star forklift products will also make their debut at CONEXPO 2017, among which short wheelbase and duel fuel forklift FL25YKW is designed based on the demands in the American’s home market. Featuring short wheelbase, the forklift can be backed, turned and turned around easily within a narrow space, thus satisfying demands of more working conditions. Another significant characteristic is that the forklift can use gasoline and liquefied compressed natural gas at the same time, making it being environmental-friendly, energy-saving and cost-effective.

In the past year of 2016, the sales of ZOOMLION hoisting machinery, road machinery and piling foundation machinery achieved solid growth as in 2015. Meanwhile, international capacity cooperation, industrial resource integration and channel marketing localization were further promoted by ZOOMLION. Then what an internationalized ZOOMLION will present to you at CONEXPO 2017, let's wait and see.


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