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A passion for wood since 1921: Barthel Pauls Söhne AG with two new SENNEBOGEN 730 E machines

Barthel Pauls Söhne AG from Halconreux, Belgium have relied on wood as a sustainable raw material for more than 95 years – with great success. With two new SENNEBOGEN 730 material handlers in the log yard, their machine park is now state of the art and equipped for the future.


Now in the third generation, the family-owned company Barthel Pauls Söhne AG processes around 300,000 cubic meters of wood annually, which mostly comes from the Belgian region of Upper Ardennes and the Upper Eifel in Germany. Strategically well located in the border region of Belgium and Germany, the company invested in a new sawmill in 2013. Since mid 2016, two modern SENNEBOGEN material handlers have now also been working in the log yard for the first time in pick & carry operation.

Pick & carry operation on the sorting line and wood logistics with a trailer

The two SENNEBOGEN 730 machines of the current E-series, which were supplied by the sales and service partner VCM Cramat, who also services them, are above all used to remove long and short logs from the sorting line. The truck unloading and logistics in the log yard are also performed using a trailer that can be pulled by the 730. This solution allows three further grapple loads to be transported in one train, in addition to the material in the 1.75 m² log grapple. This not only reduces the driving distance but also results in advantageous fuel savings and faster wood feeding. With a wide product range from construction timber to glued laminated timber and nail plates, Barthel Pauls Söhne supplies customers throughout Europe.

When the new material handlers were procured, a special challenge was the sometimes narrow passages and the necessity of working safely along a railway line. Thanks to the continuously swiveling uppercarriage of the SENNEBOGEN 730, the logs can be manipulated parallel to the installations and railcars – an important decision criterion. With a track width of only 3.30 m and all-wheel drive, the 730 not only has especially compact dimensions but is also extremely flexible in maneuvering.

Operations manager Johannes Kroiss explains the advantages of the machine: "The 730 is the ideal combination of a compact machine with a high load capacity and optimum performance features. In particular, the rear hinged boom ensures optimum stability during work and driving and provides a good view during maneuvering."

The Maxcab comfort cab, which is raised 1.5 m, offers the operator an ideal overview of the work area. As a standard feature, a strong protective grating protects the operator and cab against any damage.  The machine itself is equipped with a powerful 168 kW diesel engine with Tier 4f emission standards. The SENNEBOGEN material handler is characterized by a sturdy construction and an uppercarriage that can be continuously swiveled with up to 7 rpm. A strong travel drive with all-wheel steering and automatic detection of the driving and steering direction make the 730 the perfect helper in the log yard.

Statement: "The SENNEBOGEN 730 stands firmly and steadily even with with a full load; with the additional shovel plate, the machine can be supported even better and safely move even long logs." Operations manager Johannes Kroiss, Barthel Pauls Söhne AG, Halconreux, Belgium