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A Perfect Combination of a XCMG 400t Crawler Crane with a Shield Machine. Removal and Installation of a 160t Shield Machine can be Completed within 4 hours!

Shield machines of various types and greater tonnage have been introduced to the market as many of urban-rail-transit construction projects are being undertaken at fast pace. A XCMG 400t crawler crane for shield condition is designed and developed to meet the market demands for hoisting a shield.


At the construction site of the No.2 Subway Line in Fuzhou, a giant machine is at work. Hoisted for balancing slurry, the maximum tonnage of the front shield machine weighs 160t. A shield machine is applied to secure the soil mass being excavated by injecting slurry into the sealed isolation chamber at the excavation side and then by adding pressure to the slurry to reach a balance with the external pressure. The 300t-crawler crane currently available on the market fails to meet the hoisting requirement of the load factor being less than 80% in hoisting projects. XCMG 400t crawler crane, however, features both 4WD and integrated transportation of a complete set of main-and-sub boom system, allowing installation and removal of the shield to be completed within 4 hours, and achieving convenient moving from one site to another site and low operating cost. A XCMG 400t Crawler Crane combined with a Shield Machine makes the best choice when it comes to hoisting a shield.