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A Smart dashboard for KTM X-BOW

MTA, a multinational company headquartered in Italy, known for the development and production of a wide range of electromechanical and electronic products for major OEMs, has recently been awarded by KTM for the delivery of a dashboard for the super sports car X- BOW. Starting 2019, KTM has in fact decided to install Smart, an off-the-shelf compact instrument cluster featuring square and modern lines and perfectly fitting in the futuristic style of the car.


Smart stands out for its 4.3" color TFT screen and 10 light indicators. Smart's hardware heart is a powerful microcontroller that supports 2.5D graphics, similar to those of videogames, that allow it to display images with a certain detail and depth.

The Smart TFT features sophisticated production technology and is covered by a mineral glass optically bonded on it. Both characteristics ensure visibility in every condition of sunlight, even intense.

KTM received the first prototypes in 2018 together with MTA Studio® tool, a proprietary software that allowed them to rapidly and independently develop a custom-made product.

MTA provided KTM also with MTA Gate®, a specific tool designed for EOL (end of line) department. This tool allows software updates and the quick and safe configuration of some vehicle parameters, like for example the language, for additional customization.

Alexander Rothböck, Responsible of Electric & Electronics development at KTM commented the choice of Smart: “We have found in Smart a ready-to use, cost-effective product which has required a low initial investment in terms of costs and programming effort. Moreover, MTA Studio allowed us to integrate the CAN Bus in a very intuitive and rapid way and the graphics development has been simple as well, without requiring expert programming skills.” “Automation possibility of MTA Gate with scripts”, concluded Mr. Rothböck, “worked well and was easy to set up for the reprogramming of the dashboard”.

Source: MTA S.p.A.