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A smart solution to wasted truck journeys

A smart solution to wasted truck journeys. World Class Logistics and efficiency-focused manufacturing: the latest installment of Top Stories on

It was the sight of huge, empty trailers preparing to return to France that kick-started an innovative project to find a more efficient alternative to wasted truck journeys.

Double-deck trailers would deliver tractor cabs built in France to the New Holland Agriculture plant in Basildon, UK, for assembly operations and then return empty because their top decks were fixed in place and the finished tractors too tall to fit. Working together with tractor transportation partner De Rooy from the Netherlands, the logistics team from CNH Industrial used their collective engineering expertise to come up with an ingenious solution – a new two-deck trailer with a collapsible top deck that allows three completed tractors to be transported. The environmental impact was huge: 9,700 fewer empty trips resulting in a saving of 1,950 tons of CO2 over an eight year period.
The elimination of the wasted truck journeys is just one example of how CNH Industrial’s World Class Logistics (WCL) program is making a positive change to established ways of working whilst benefiting the environment. The WCL initiative implements a range of strategies designed to improve internal and external logistics flows in addition to finding ways to minimize energy consumption and packaging. Employees are encouraged to get involved and their suggestions regarding improvements to their working areas are welcomed.
This latest installment of Top Stories focuses on how an innovative project has helped CNH Industrial eradicate one unsustainable process and takes a look at some other examples of the WCL program at work around the world.

Source: CNH Industrial N.V.