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A world of configuration options – a machine with the feel of a construction kit.

Weidemann is extending its Hoftrac® product series with the 1380.


Compact design, low centre of gravity, small turning circle and powerful performance - these are what have made the Hoftrac® range of machinery the success it is today. The latest addition to the Hoftrac® range is the new 1380, which particularly stands out from the crowd thanks to its vast range of configuration options.

There are 2 Perkins motors available for the 1380, one with 31.4 kW (43 hp) and one with 35.7 kW (49 hp). There are three axles to choose from (T94, T110 and PA940), which can be combined with a variety of drive types. All axles can be provided with speeds of 20 km/h or 30 km/h and come fitted with a 100% differential lock. The pushing powers at the T-axles have also been increased to 15.

A suitable loader unit can also be selected for the 1380, depending on the intended task. The P-kinematics are sure to impress with their high tipping loads enabling rapid loading procedures and material handling. The “high lift height” option is ideal if there are tall vessels to be surmounted. The P-Z kinematics are a combination of traditional P-kinematics and Z-kinematics and offer an extra amount of tearout force as well as a considerable lift height and finely tuned parallel guidance.

There are also three different operator’s cabs to choose from for the 1380. This model comes with an operator's canopy as standard. To make it easier to get in, the new operator’s canopy - similar to that of the 1880 - has been adjusted so that the A-pillar is further forward. This canopy can also be fitted with a front and rear washer. If you need to pass under heights of less than 2 m, a foldable eps (easy protection system) operator’s canopy is ideal and can be adjusted to the required height using a selection of handles. A perfectly sized booth with plenty of head room and space offers the best in comfort for all weather.

As with all Hoftrac® models, the new 1380s also offer a range of hydraulic options, various tyre types and attachments. This modular system gives users a range of fittings and options which ensure the machine they receive exactly corresponds to the intended tasks and the operator’s requirements. And the best part of Weidemann’s Hoftrac® concept is that the customer only pays for the configuration chosen for their particular machine, i.e. only the aspects they truly need.

Source: Weideman GmbH