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Frederik Linthout, Director GEFA

About the influence of the coronavirus on the 2020 economy and digital contract initiation at GEFA

Frederik Linthout from GEFA Bank forecasts the development of the German economy and the leasing market.

“Around 74 billion euros of leasing investments in 2019”, the barometer says ... this is a record figure in this millennium. What do you think of the voices on the "new crisis 20/21”?


Forecasting the economic development in Germany is currently not easy because the development of international relations and the influence of the Corona are difficult to assess. We anticipate an economic slowdown but see no reason to be in a mood of crisis. The medium-sized economy must and will invest if it wants to continue to be successful and due to this it will continue to be in need of companies like GEFA BANK as a reliable financing partner of the real economy.

Why should our readers lease machines from you?

Due to our more than 70 years of market experience, we can best estimate the value development of machines and marketing opportunities for returns. Our customers benefit directly from this expertise - through quick credit decisions, realistic residual values, flexible contract arrangements and last but not least fair leasing conditions, which are positively influenced by the value of the machines.

The leasing market for non-car equipment still seems to be characterized by a certain lack of transparency – how do you make your services visible to the digital world out there?

On our website (, all visitors can use a calculator to calculate leasing rates with just few clicks, change parameters such as terms or special payments and send us a financing request directly online. We offer additional digital services to registered customers via the "GEFA online" portal, which enables completely paperless financing, ideally even within few minutes.

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