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AEROSEM: New part width section control

For homogeneous crop development and seed savings


The perfect coulter system of the Pöttinger AEROSEM seed drill guarantees maximum operational reliability and thus the optimum requirement for success: Yield is positively influenced by precise placement of the seed. Whether light, heavy, dry or moist soil, the optimum seed placement of the AEROSEM has a major influence on the harvest result. Section Control with its part width shut off control means further more efficiency and flexibility.

Section Control - Part width section control for homogeneous crop development

Working with a virtual headland/boundary line the system switches off one meter sections in sequence upon command. For example; a three meter machine (24 rows) would comprise of three sections, the initial command will close the first 8 rows as the drill passes over the virtual line, followed by the subsequent 8 rows and so on until the drill has crossed the boundary.

This functionality is made possible thanks to the unique IDS (Intelligent Distribution System) distributor head. Additionally the seed rate is adjusted according to the remaining active working width.

The system brings significant advantages by reducing issues in odd shaped fields and headlands, along with reducing overlapping significantly.

For the arable farmer, Section Control with its part width control means even, homogeneous crop development and consistent plant populations.

The result during harvesting is uniform plant distribution, even grain maturity, moisture content and of course a reduction in overlapping/double drillings which leads to sizeable seed savings.

Three different perfect coulter systems guarantee exact placement of the seed: The machine is available with Suffolk, Single disc or Double disc (DUAL DISC) coulters. The Suffolk coulters are suitable for light soils with low levels of organic matter. A coulter pressure of up to 55 lbs/25 kg can be applied to Suffolk and Single disc coulters. Both coulter systems can be equipped with optional pressure or depth control rollers to additionally press seed onto a moist seedbed.

The large DUAL DISC coulters cut through surface trash with ease to procedure a uniform, tidy furrow and can exert a coulter pressure of up to 110 lbs/50 kg. Depending on the type of seed, the interchangeable metering wheels can be easily and quickly  changed.

One drill for all crops: regardless of which crops are due to be sown this spring, the Pöttinger AEROSEM guarantees the highest operating flexibility, precision and convenience in one machine. Precisely the right kit for every arable professional. 


Source: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH