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Agritechnica – world-leading trade fair: What’s new this year for exhibitors and visitors?

New concept for key area arrangement and hall allocation – “Systems & Components” in Halls 15, 16 and 17 – New: Agritechnica Plaza – International technical programme


Freya von Czettritz, Project Manager Agritechnica, DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society), Frankfurt am Main

Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment. This year approximately 2,800 exhibitors from 52 countries will be presenting their new and further developments at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover. A distinct hallmark of Agritechnica is its clear key area concept, offering visitors optimal orientation in the Exhibition Grounds. This year, due to the addition of the new Hall 20 and the omission of Hall 1, DLG has introduced changes in hall allocations and further optimised the sector group concept. This gives visitors from all over the world optimal conditions for comparing products and innovations in their specific fields of interest efficiently and easily.

The major changes are set out below:

  • Tractors will now be on display throughout the Exhibition Grounds (new: including a full liner in Hall 20 for the first time).

  • Soil preparation, cultivation and care in Halls 9 to 12 (new: suppliers of machinery and equipment related to plant protection and mineral fertilisation in Hall 9 for the first time).

  • Machinery and equipment for organic fertilisation will be in Halls 21, 22 and 23.

  • Agricultural electronics and suppliers of Smart Farming solutions will be in Hall 15.

  • Systems & Components in Halls 15, 16 and 17.

  • A new area will be located under the wooden canopy: Agritechnica Plaza.

  • Hall 14/15 will become known as Hall 15.

  • Hall 19/20 will become known as Hall 20.

  • Suppliers of machinery and equipment for the forestry and municipal applications sectors will be presenting their products primarily in Hall 26 and in the adjacent outdoor area.

With the consistent and clear division of the individual key areas at the fair, DLG guarantees visitors a good overview and easy orientation, and allows them to make optimal use of their time at the exhibition in accordance with their own priorities. Furthermore, a free shuttle bus service will be provided at the Exhibition Grounds to enable visitors to reach the halls they are interested in quickly and efficiently.

Systems & Components

The Systems & Components forum under the Agritechnica 2015 umbrella for suppliers to the industry will begin with the inspiring theme of “Future Farming”. Visitors will receive a complete overview of innovations, trends and developments within areas including engines, hydraulics, chassis, drive technology, cabs, electronics, wear and spare parts, and user-friendly software. This year, Systems & Components is focused on the four main trends in technology: Efficiency, Reliability, Safety/Ergonomics and Environmental Impact (CO2 footprint). The four sub-themes are ultimately all linked to the innovative theme of Additive Manufacturing. A 3D printer is one of the highlights of this Special and will demonstrate what could be achieved in the future. Innovations and challenges will be examined and there will be plenty of opportunity for constructive discussions between all interested parties. The exhibition will run in parallel with the overarching flanking programme comprising three aspects: Forum, Pathways and a Special Show. The Systems & Components offering can be found in Halls 15, 16 and 17. Furthermore, the “Future Farming” forum in Hall 16 will enable visitors to explore current issues relating to the area of systems and components in more depth. The individual presentations will be held in the English language.

Agritechnica Special features zoom in on topical themes

  • Special on “Digital Cropping: decode your site, understand your yield”

The production of raw materials, food and feed must be increased in a sustainable way. In order to do so, it is important to understand the characteristics of the production site – e.g. soil quality, nutrient supply, water availability, yield potential, etc. – and to adapt the crop plan accordingly. The “Smart Farming” themed area offers a number of digital solutions for the integration and interpretation of the data collected. How can farmers find the solution that will optimise their own individual management system among the wealth of different technologies on offer? The Special feature on “Digital Cropping: decode your site, understand your yield” revolves around answering this question. Manufacturers will be presenting relevant technologies and systems during this Special feature, which thus provides visitors with a unique platform for the exchange of information and the opportunity to compare systems and offers, all in one place. Furthermore, forum presentations will explore current topics in more detail.

  • Special on “Major Crops Worldwide”

Technology and knowledge are the main drivers for successful agricultural plant production worldwide. Millions of hectares across the globe are used to grow rice, soy, sugar cane, cotton, etc. However, yields must be increased to meet future demand levels for food, feed and agricultural commodities. Farmers, consultants and politicians are seeking ways to enable crop production in their own countries to be raised sustainably and efficiently. There is a particularly great need for state-of-the-art technological solutions, strategies and best practices. The new Agritechnica Special feature on “Major Crops Worldwide” in Hall 21 gives visitors the ideal opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences about potential solutions with exhibitors and decision-makers from numerous countries. Hot topics will be explored in more depth in the forum presentations, which will be held in the English language.

  • Special “Workshop LIVE”

This year, the sixth edition of the “Workshop LIVE” Special will be organised in cooperation with the German LandBauTechnik Association. Hourly demonstrations of maintenance and conversion work on today’s machinery and equipment will illustrate the skills and competences required at the different qualification levels (apprentice, service technician and master craftsman) for agricultural and construction machinery mechanics. After each 30-minute demonstration there will be ample time for discussion with all those involved. Furthermore, there will once again be a wide range of information on offer from relevant educational and training institutes. This is an ideal informative opportunity for schoolchildren aged 14 to 16 who are looking to learn a trade after leaving school as the basis for an attractive career.

New: International Dealer and Service Provider Centre

DLG, the German LandBauTechnik Association and the European umbrella federation of agricultural machinery dealers (CLIMMAR) are organising an International Dealer and Service Provider Centre at Agritechnica 2015. It will be located in Hall 2 at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover. For agricultural machinery dealers from all over the world, this is a central and comprehensive information and service point. The integrated Service Provider Centre will feature competent service companies from areas including finance, insurance, logistics, used equipment exchanges, freight forwarders, customs services and HR services. This is an excellent opportunity for visitors to meet new contacts from around the world, including customers looking for used machinery and equipment. New in 2015 are the daily Themed Talks which will answer questions relating to equipment insurance, for example, or customs formalities when exporting used machinery.

Forestry machinery and equipment for woodland farmers and municipal applications

A large number of exhibitors are presenting classic forestry machinery and equipment for woodland farmers and a wide range of products for using wood as an energy resource in Hall 26, as well as in the adjacent outdoor area. In addition to the exhibitors’ range of machinery and equipment, there will also be a comprehensive programme of information from Rottenburg University of Applied Forest Sciences and DLG in the jointly organised “Forestry and Wood Information Centre” in Hall 26.

The machinery and equipment for the municipal applications sector will also be located in Hall 26, where nearly 100 exhibitors will be presenting their latest developments such as for summer/winter service and composting. Interested visitors will find the appropriate exhibition programme grouped together in concentrated form.

The sector of energy plant production will be based chiefly in Halls 18 and 23. Here visitors can find information about energy-specific potentials and about biomass production, including conditioning, plant and system technology, labour management and cost efficiency.

Campus & Career: The new platform for training, jobs, science and research

Pavilions 33 and 35 at Agritechnica Plaza will revolve around professional careers as well as science and research. Around 50 exhibitors – ranging from SMEs to global players and from government ministries, industry associations and personal coaches to educational institutions and research institutes – guarantee a very attractive and varied offering. Here, visitors can make initial contact with recruiting companies or gain information about a possible apprenticeship, study programme or opportunities for further vocational training. Meanwhile educational institutions and research institutes will be presenting their latest scientific projects. Furthermore, the exhibitors’ displays will be supplemented by numerous interactive events, such as a daily Forum in Pavilion 33 comprising a broad spectrum of talks and discussions.

DLG stand at Agritechnica Plaza in Pavilion 32

DLG will be presenting its comprehensive information offering at Agritechnica Plaza in Pavilion 32. This pavilion will be the meeting place for DLG members and for experts from home and abroad interested in DLG’s work and in establishing contacts with DLG. This exchange of experience across sectors, generations and regions, which is typical for DLG, will form a basis for all visitors to expand their personal networks. In terms of professional content, key highlights will be presentations on PowerMix testing and on camera systems on tractors, information about the new DLG seal of quality “DLG-ANERKANNT” (DLG APPROVED”), and topical information about soil management. This will include the practical demonstration of factors which influence soil fertility, soil protection and soil management using DLG data sheets and research findings from the DLG International Crop Production Center (IPZ). On each day of the trade fair, visitors can also discuss burning issues relating to foreign trade with professionals from research and industry (“DLG Technology Talks” in Pavilion 32, daily at 14.00 h).

Furthermore, in conjunction with DLG’s 100-plus years of testing expertise, visitors will find a display of historical and modern tractors. This year, the special exhibition of historical agricultural machinery will be based around the theme of “From performance testing to DLG PowerMix – 100 years of tractor tests”.

International Visitors’ Lounge in Pavilion 32

The central meeting place for visitors from all over the world at Agritechnica 2015 will be the International Visitors’ Lounge, which is located in Pavilion 32 at Agritechnica Plaza in the direct vicinity of DLG’s large information stand. In the International Visitors’ Lounge guests from Germany and abroad can meet their business partners, conduct discussions and plan their tour of the exhibition. Free-of-charge internet connections will also be provided on hardware so that visitors can check their emails and stay in contact with their companies and business partners throughout the world.

Forum for the future of the agricultural sector: top-flight international technical programme

With its top-flight technical programme including a large number of international events such as congresses, workshops and forums, Agritechnica is regarded as the leading forum for the future of the agricultural sector. It not only demonstrates the trends in equipment and technology but also explores all the major questions about the future of both the agricultural sector and agricultural machinery. For example, the latest developments in agricultural machinery and equipment along with the most recent research findings will be presented and discussed during the international conference called “LAND.TECHNIK AgEng 2015” organised by VDI Knowledge Forum on 6 and 7 November in the Convention Center within the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover.

Following its successful launch two years ago, the international series of events called “Ag Machinery International – Access to emerging markets” will once again attract the attention of countless visitors. On various Agritechnica days, the focus will be on the markets for agricultural equipment and machinery in Belarus, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Poland, Romania, Russia, Tanzania and Ukraine. Market potentials, market access avenues, financial frameworks and technology requirements will be explored. For the first time this year, a “Systems & Components” presentation will be held on the markets for components, with a focus on the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Further notable sessions expected to generate a lot of interest include an informative presentation on reforms in the agricultural sector in Ukraine, a seed congress and the European Young Farmers and Students Day, which is being organised by Young DLG in cooperation with the Federation of German Rural Youth (BDL), the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) and Young BLU on 12 November.

A diverse international technical programme will also be offered in the special forums in the different exhibition halls. In five forums in total, representatives from academia and research, consultancy, industry and the farming sector will discuss current trends and important developments of interest to the sector every day:

  • Forum 1 “Crop Cultivation” in Hall 15

  • Forum 2 “Technology and Management” in Hall 8

  • Forum 3 “Major Crops Worldwide” in Hall 21 (in the English language)

  • Forum 4: “Future Farming” in Hall 16 (n the English language)

  • Forum 5: “Campus & Career” in Pavilion 33 at Agritechnica Plaza

International contact forum “Match & Meet”

This year’s Agritechnica will once again feature an international “Match & Meet” contact forum enabling initiation of cooperation arrangements and business connections. Exhibitors and visitors can register online with their profile and their concrete search data or their offers. Supply and demand are then compared using special software and initial meetings are subsequently arranged at Agritechnica. Interested parties can find more information and online registration for “Match & Meet” on the internet at

Source: DLG