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Airo confirms its presence at APEX 2014

The Italian company confirms  its presence on the European territory  presenting in Amsterdam a range of products that summarises the commitment and work of these recent years.


AIRO will be present at the next Apex exhibition in Amsterdam, from 24th to 26th June 2014. In the large indoor area – booth nr. 610, prepared for the occasion, some of the most popular platforms of the Italian company will be present, including: 

- A 12 J E the main characteristic of this model is the electric traction, assured by an efficient AC motor that works both in traction and lifting movements. Compact and handy, the A 12 JE reaches an height of  12 meters, with an outreach of 7,5 meters and a width of only 1,2 meters.

- A 15 RTD a diesel model with all-wheel drive, ideal for access works in all those places with a reduced space of moving, it is able to reach 15,10 meters, with an outreach of 8,80 meters and a overall width of only 1,8 meters.

- V9 a small and handy platform, very loved especially in the large organized distribution for its compactness: less than 1 meter of width for 9 meters of height and 265 kilograms of capacity (200 kilograms if it is used outside).

- XS 9E Restyling a vertical electric platform, just renewed in its functionalities and from the technical point of view, it is equipped with a manual extension of the platform of 1 meter, an element that allows the operator to have an overhang outside the fixed base of the platform itself, significantly improving users operativeness. XS 9E Restyling the 9,38 meters of height and 200 kilograms of capacity with a overall width of  0.765 meters.

- X 12 EN a compact vertical electric platform that reaches 12 meters of height with a overall capacity of 300 kilograms and 3 operators. Adaptable and handy, the X 12 EN is especially appreciated for its compactness, only 0.89 meters, which makes it perfect for maintenance access work.

The platforms presented during the Apex 2014 summarize the commitment perpetrated over the years by Airo in technological innovation and low environmental impact, without renouncing to a design, captivating and modern; in addition the proposed models are ideal for all types of access works, especially on those situations which envisage a place with a reduced space of moving.

Stand no: 610