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Alliance Agriflex+ 372: 15 new sizes of popular VF tire for tractors and harvesters

Alliance Agriflex+ 372
Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Europe
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Alliance Agriflex+ 372

IMAGE SOURCE: Yokohama Off-Highway Tires

  • Yokohama-ATG (Y-ATG) has expanded its Alliance Agriflex+ 372 tire line with 15 new sizes, bringing the total to 50.

  • The Agriflex+ 372 is the only steel-belted VF tire on the market, known for its excellent traction, roadability, load capacity, and soil protection.

  • Scientific studies in France and Denmark have shown that the VF technology in these tires reduces soil pressure, leading to higher yields and profit gains of up to 32 EUR per hectare.

  • The VF construction allows the tire to carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure compared to standard tractor radials, enhancing its value for money.

  • The new sizes include VF900/65R46, VF900/60R42, VF900/50R42, and several others, catering to a wide range of agricultural machinery needs.

10 of 10 for traction, roadability, load carrying capacity and soil protection / Scientific proof of positive effects on soil, yield and farmers’ revenues / Performance and total cost of ownership make for an excellent value for money / 50 sizes available / Only VF steel belted tire available in the market


Yokohama-ATG (Y-ATG) expands its offering with 15 new sizes, totalling 50 for the popular Alliance Agriflex+ 372 tire for tractors and combines. As the sole steel-belted VF tire, it excels in traction, roadability, load capacity, and soil protection, earning top marks in studies in France and Denmark. Its Very High Flexion (VF) technology enables low-pressure operation even under heavy loads, reducing soil pressure.

Scientific evidence

A scientific field experiment conducted in Denmark revealed that the reduced strain on the soil in the VF tire plots allowed for higher yields when compared to conventional tire plots. The higher yields and reduced tire slippage translated to calculated profit gains between 21.8 and 32 EUR per hectare. “The Agriflex+ 372 comes at a clear competitive price point – thus offering an unbeatable package and excellent value for money”, highlights Ole Baek, Vice President for North & West Europe at Yokohama-ATG (Y-ATG).

Alliance Agriflex+ 372<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Yokohama Off-Highway Tires

Benefits Alliance Agriflex+ 372:

1. Only steel belted VF tire available in the market

2. Established reputation in fantastic traction, superior load capacity and soil protection

3. D-speed rating and 10-year warranty

4. VF construction with sidewall flexibility enabling the tire to carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure compared to a standard tractor radial

5. Stubble protection

New sizes:

VF900/65R46, VF900/60R42, VF900/50R42, VF800/70R42, VF710/70R42CFO, VF650/60R42, VF710/55R38, VF680/80R38CFO, VF680/75R38CFO, VF500/85R34CFO, VF580/80R34CFO, VF680/85R32CFO, VF710/65R30CFO, VF620/70R30CFO, VF520/85R30CFO

Source: Yokohama Off-Highway Tires