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ALLU introduces ALLU ‘two in one’ Compactor at bauma 2019

ALLU will be unveiling its latest developments and launching new and exciting solutions at bauma 2019.  These cover a variety of applications, with one such new development being ALLU’s highly versatile and robust Compactor which is set to be an essential tool on any construction site.

ALLU ‘two in one’ Compactor


The ALLU Compactor attachment is a hydraulic attachment for excavators ranging from 1.5t to 60t and combines several functions in a single attachment, enabling excavation, backfilling and compaction using just a single unit. Thanks to an imbalance generated, the compactor ‘bucket’ replaces a compactor or a plate vibrator, with any vibrations being eliminated via rubber oscillation elements. In excavator mode, the bucket is locked in position via a hydraulic cylinder, allowing the compactor bucket to be operated as a normal excavation tool.

The ALLU Compactor is highly versatile, robust and of a practical design making it a true all-rounder, and indispensable on any construction site, with compaction being made more efficient and effective. Greater utilisation of the base machines ensures that compaction costs are optimised, meaning no additional personnel are required, with significant savings in time, and a quick return on investment. Vertically arranged damper elements ensure extremely quiet operation and controller oscillation through maximizing the transfer of force into the ground. The main benefits are:

  • Efficient working through adjustable frequency and force

  • Excellent depth of penetration

  • Transforms any base machine into a compacting unit

  • Reduces the downtime at jobsites as one base machine can be used to execute several tasks

  • Oscillation element keeps the noise and vibration at minimum levels

  • Risk of accidents are minimized

  • No extra emissions

  • Controlled compacting reduces the damages to pipes and the surrounding areas

The ALLU Compactors are ideal for many applications, but are purpose designed for:

  • Underground construction

  • Road and street construction

  • Groundworks and earthmoving

  • Superstructure construction

  • Garden and landscape construction

  • Cable and pipeline laying

ALLU’s compactors will be exhibited and demonstrated throughout the bauma at the ALLU stand which will be located at FN.1021/2 in the open area, north.

Source: ALLU Group