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AMAZONE Bluetooth Adapter

The new interface between mobile device and the machine


Available immediately, AMAZONE ISOBUS fertilisation and seeding equipment can be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. This adapter is used for wireless communication with the machine and for data transfer between a smartphone and the mounted implement, for example. Through this interface, the data from the mySpreader and mySeeder Apps can be sent directly to the job computer on the implement. These Apps help when adjusting the spreader or calibrating the seed rate. In conjunction with the mySpreader App, the appropriate values from the setting chart and the correction values from the digital mobile test kit can be transmitted directly to the spreader using the smartphone. With the mySeeder App, the smartphone can be used to perform a calibration directly on the seed drill.

The automatic data transmission reduces mistakes made during repeat manual entry of set values, and saves working time. A Bluetooth connection between the mobile device and the machine is used for data transfer. In this way, data can be transferred easily and quickly, even in areas of poor mobile network coverage. In addition, mobile devices without data capacity can also be used. The App cannot be updated on such devices until they are reconnected to their home Wi-Fi.

Source: Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG