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An authoritative and passionate team for the IPAF Italian Country Council and Training Working Group

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has renewed its official positions in Italy with some of the most authoritative and respected professionals of the Italian powered access sector. Paolo Pianigiani of IMER has been appointed as chair of the IPAF Italian Country Council (INIC) and Roberto Geromin of Gianfranco Savani, as the new chair of the Italian Training Working Group (TWG).


In the current unusual economic and social climate, the appointments of the chairs and group members demonstrate the commitment and dedication at the highest level within the industry to IPAF’s mission; to promote the safe and effective use of powered access.

IPAF in Italy operates through two structures: the IPAF Italian Country Council (INIC) and the Training Working Group (TWG). The INIC consists of representatives from manufacturers, distribution and service companies who are directly or indirectly part of the powered access sector. The TWG is made up of instructors or representatives from IPAF-approved Training Centers and was created to address the topics and issues relevant to training centres, such as legislation and regulations associated with MEWPs and work at height, participation in events and seminars as well as updating the training courses.

These two groups, along with the IPAF Italia team, work professionally, both separately and together with the objective of improving the presence and activity of MEWPs in the market and to promote safety in the use of work at height equipment.

The outgoing chairs, Nicola Violin (INIC) and Costantino Savani (TWG), were delighted to receive many high-quality applications for the positions in advance of the voting meeting, which was held for the first time as a virtual meeting owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on 29 April 2020. The newly appointed chairpersons will remain in post for the next two years.

Maurizio Quaranta, IPAF’s Italy Representative says: "Once again we are delighted to have brought together, under our yellow-black flag, all the main players in the various sectors of the Italian powered access industry; from rental companies to manufacturers, from training centre instructors to commercial directors; from truck-mounted MEWPs to mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) and from the North to the South, in a fantastic mix of backgrounds, experiences and skills. I sincerely thank the outgoing chairs and group members for the important work done in recent years and I am looking forward to getting back to work with the new groups."

The members of the two groups are as follows:


  • Paolo Pianigiani IMER, as CHAIRMAN and Representative in the IPAF Council

  • Piero Palmieri GSR

  • Marco Scarano ELEVATEUR

  • Massimo Bellini TECNOALT

  • Alessandro Flisi SOCAGE

  • Oana Samoila ALMAC

  • Fulvio Frunzio OIL&STEEL

  • Roberto Bramardo MULTITEL PAGLIERO

  • Marco Corradi TEREX-GENIE

  • Alessandro Mastrogiacomo CMC

  • Giampaolo Piovan CTE

  • Luciano Gardin JLG

  • Filippo Pecci ELECTRO ELSA

  • Diego Benetton MABER

  • Efrem Gianola CAMP

  • Nicola Violini HAULOTTE


  • Roberto Geromin GIANFRANCO SAVANI, as CHAIRMAN and our Representative in the IPAF International Training Committee

  • Gianluca Ferramola AIRO TIGIEFFE

  • Jacopo Bolpagni ISTRUTTORE IND.

  • Ezio Cantamessa PAF

  • Costantino Savani GIANFRANCO SAVANI

  • Andrea Boldrini AUDITOR IPAF

  • Marco Cazzaniga CIEMME NOLEGGIO

  • Vincenzo Falcone ISTRUTTORE IND.

  • Antonio Avitabile SAVISSERVICE

  • Mauro Potrich CTE

  • Mattia Masaggia HINOWA

  • Davide Scarano ELEVATEUR

  • Nicola Andreani CAMP

Source: International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)