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ANMOPYC General Assembly, 40th Anniversary

ANMOPYC General Assembly, 40th Anniversary
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ANMOPYC General Assembly, 40th Anniversary


ANMOPYC celebrates its 40th anniversary during its General Assembly that will take place in Zaragoza next 28th June.


We will bring together our members, partners and friends in a very special day for us.

We will have an interesting schedule:

The presentation of our activity report carried out and all the work to be developed for the months to come.

A series of lectures by first level speakers:

Mr. Pedro Baños, successful writer, expert in geopolitics, defense, strategy, security and intelligence.

Mr. Chris Sleight, Managing Director Gerente de Off-highway Research, leading Consultancy of the construction sector.

Mr. Ricardo Santamaría, Manager of Cesce, Specialist in prevention of credit risk and credit and surety insurances.

Mr. Pedro Fernández, President of CNC, Spanish Construction Confederation.

Finally, several meeting points during the networking lunch, moderated by leading persons and companies for each issue:

  • Generating sets: Industrial and Environmental Regulation

Sergio Serrano,

  • Earthmoving

Andoni Pascual,

Roberto Loraque,

Juan Antonio Lantarón,

Manuel Lyon,

  • Components and Spare Parts

Javier González,

  • Situation of Supply Chain and Logistics

Ángel Gil,

  • Innovation

Esther Borao,

  • Rental

Joaquín Fernández García, CEO de JOFEMESA,

  • Contractors

María Moreno,

  • International  Financing

Javier del Río,

  • International Exhibitions

Martina Claus, Gerente de Firamunich,

  • Foreign Trade: Government Programs to Aid for Exports

Rodrigo Tilve,

Sonsoles Huidobro,

We are proud and grateful to all our members, parthers and friends that will be accompanying us to get that day is so special for us!


Source: Anmopyc