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Anniversary CVT goes to Carinthia.

In early May 2016, the handover of the 40,000th CVT tractor was celebrated in the Lower Austrian town of St. Valentin. Yet another milestone in the success story of STEYR CVT technology. A story which already extends back over almost two decades.

40,000 satisfied customers.


This milestone was reached on 3 May 2016: In St. Valentin, STEYR Brand President Andreas Klauser and Business Director Rudolf Hinterberger presented the 40,000th CVT tractor, a PROFI CVT, to Thomas Hecher, a proud farmer from Bad Bleiberg. This Carinthian farmer looked surprised yet absolutely delighted: "Naturally, I knew that the CVT is a great tractor but I would never have thought that 40,000 CVT transmissions had been produced!" Rudolf Hinterberger had this to say about STEYR's technological success story: "We are delighted that our CVT tractors are enjoying such popularity. I am personally convinced that the continuously variable concept is assured of a place in the future. This concept makes work incomparably easy!"

1997 The success story begins.

The success story of the CVT began in 1997 at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hanover. This is when and where the continuously variable concept was first unveiled. International farming technology experts were very enthusiastic indeed. STEYR not only developed a continuously variable drive system. It was also the first manufacturer to build intelligence into the combination of engine and transmission. In the process delivering levels of ride and operating comfort previously never achieved.

Big on the mechanical, light on the hydraulics

A highly efficient and easy to operate design was central to the development objective right from the outset. STEYR accomplished this primarily through the use of mechanical components, keeping hydraulics to a minimum. These new units still retain four mechanical shift stages. In the first phase of development work, the automatic shift processes were performed using hydraulic constant-mesh clutches. Later, these were replaced with multi-disc clutches. Today, the STEYR CVT transmission performs gear shifts using an ultra-modern double-clutch transmission of the kind also found in the automotive sector.

Continuously variable ride comfort

Although this new STEYR tractor is packed with new features, it has lost none of its renowned ease of operation. Accelerating in a smooth (i.e. infinitely variable) manner without any manual gear changes from an active stationary position - this vehicle can remain absolutely motionless even on gradients – without using the brakes and can accelerate up to its top speed, simply using the accelerator pedal or, optionally, the throttle lever in the armrest: all of which translates into optimum ride comfort.

Models from 110 to 300 hp

Today, the classic CVT series extends over seven six-cylinder models with power ratings of 150 to 300 hp. However, STEYR customers can also benefit from continuously variable ride comfort in the four-cylinder segment. Three Profi CVT models cater for this need, with power ratings of 110 to 130 hp.

Source: STEYR