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Anniversary Field Day Lozova Machinery – 5 years of openness

Lozova Machinery Field Days
Lozova Machinery Europe
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Lozova Machinery Field Days

The largest agricultural event in Southeastern Ukraine – the 5th International Field Day LOZOVA MACHINERY – was held on July, 18. It gathered together business partners and farmers from Ukraine, guests from Romania, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary and Baltic States. 

A large-scale demo-show was organized within the Field Day. Guests were able to see latest developments, including the unique machinery which had never been presented on domestic market before. Ducat-3

Anatoliy Girshfeld, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Honorary President of UPEC IG welcomed visitors and recalled:

“The compensation program which enables the farmers to get back 25 for the purchase of domestic machinery has been working for three years. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, a transparent and non-corruption mechanism was adopted and it delivers positive results. 160 companies are participating in the program, and 930 million UAH of compensation issued to farmers in the past year. These are real reforms!”LOZOVA MACHINERY 3024

As a part of opening ceremony, Roman Girshfeld, President of LOZOVA MACHINERY appealed to farmers and business partners: “Your feedback is very important for us. It allows us to grow up and perform better. Thus, in 2019 we decided that our implements should be not only good investment and provide perfect soil tillage, but it should have aesthetic and convenient design. So we performed full re-design of our machinery – powerful, progressive and innovative, reflecting characteristics of LOZOVA MACHINERY”. 

The President of LOZOVA MACHINERY noted that Field Day is an important and crucial event for the company, because for the fifth year in a row we can trace the results of our work and understand how we grew over this period.Lozova Machinery Field Days

Visitors got acquainted with unique novelties, including the FLORIN field cultivator with a working width of 8 meters and additional options for the specific needs of any farm, the semi-trailer KELT XXL which has no analogues in Ukraine. Trailer is equipped with a belt conveyor that unloads the trailer in just 2 minutes. For the first time we presented 6-meter cultivator SANTIM.

A special premiere of the event was the trailed sprayer, co-produced with Landquip Ltd – the leading sprayer manufacturer in the UK.Ducat Gold-6


Let us recall that recently we presented English-Ukrainian trailer adapted to Ukrainian soil and climate conditions. 

Landquip Managing Director Richard Abbott noted that main features of the sprayer are super-resistance and lightweight aluminum boom. Light weight of the trailer (2280 kg) makes it possible to be aggregated with a tractor from 80 hp. Another unique feature is the special shape of the main tank. It does not have sharp corners, water hammer, abrupt stop or turn, so the water quickly drains and the tank is easy to clean. There is a top electronics with integrated GPS in the cab.

There was also presented  a season leader – DUCAT disc harrow with working width of 9 meters, as well as modernized tooth harrow LIRA-24M with transport width of 3 meters, semi-trailer ALBION XL  with specially-designed screw conveyor, disc and tooth harrows, subsoilers and other serially-produced machinery. LOZOVA MACHINERY Field Days


“The implement should work effectively in the field, and not the man should work on the maintenance of the implement! Our concept is to minimize the loss of farmers, eliminating work that does not bring additional value. Starting this year, we ensure a double warranty on maintenance-free bearing units for compact disc harrows DUCAT. Moreover, all new DUCATs and DUCAT-9 in particular, are additionally equipped with maintenance-free frame pivot pins, which now do not require regular lubrication and any additional manipulations”, notes Aleksey Grynenko, Chief Designer.

Foreign and Ukrainian companies-partners of LM took part in the Field Day and presented the tractor, combine and trailed equipment.Lozova Machinery Field Days

The guests enjoyed a festive atmosphere, an entertainment program and dinner. There were also provided area for kids with fun games and treats. The culmination of the event was the drawing of prizes.

To be recalled that there are a number of memorable dates for LM in 2019: the 20th  anniversary of the brand and the first spring harrow LIRA, the 10th anniversary of the DUCAT disc harrow.