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Atlas Copco introduces new 4 x 1000W HID light tower with vertical hydraulic mast

Atlas Copco has launched the newest addition to its range of light towers. The Atlas Copco QLT H50 uses four 1000W metal halide lamps to deliver reliable lighting even in extreme conditions, improving worksite safety at night. Its robust construction and components ensure optimal safety, operation and maneuverability.


The Atlas Copco QLT H50 comes with four 1000W metal halide lamps and a vertical hydraulic mast with a maximum height of 9m (29.5 ft) and 340° rotation. Four stabilizers ensure safety and support.

Whereas other light towers only have an on/off button, the QLT H50 has an integrated control panel. The Lc 1003 controller is built into the canopy to avoid contact with hot or moving parts during operation. It sequences the start-up of each lamp to minimize the typical risk of alternator and ballast failures. Pulse and Pause Ballast technology is utilized to prevent lamp filament damage through ballast pulse repetition.

The unit has been developed to be robust and versatile for any worksite. This includes construction, mining, and oil and gas industry sites, in addition to emergency and event lighting.

Key elements of the light tower, including pulleys, steel cables, cable clamps and lifting beam, have been certified as EU safety yield factor ‘5’. This means these elements are five times ‘over-specified’ according to EU safety norms. The vertical hydraulic mast is designed to remain stable in winds of up to 80km/h, for additional safety in extreme weather.

The heavy-duty canopy is made of galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion. The polyester powder paint coating has a resistance of 720 hours in salt spray testing.

Source: Atlas Copco