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Atlas Poland brings Terex Trucks’ articulated haulers to residential construction projects

Residential construction is on the rise in Poland. In 2019, the number of flats and houses being built has increased by over 10% compared to last year, and demand is still strong. To continue its strategic expansion and bring its articulated haulers to the Polish market, Terex Trucks has signed Atlas Poland as its new dealer in the country.  


Data from Statistics Poland shows that the number of residential construction projects in the country has increased throughout 2019. With a growing population and old housing stock that needs rebuilding, the residential construction sector in Poland is expected to continue growing over the next few years, resulting in increased demand for construction equipment. Together with its new dealer Atlas Poland, Terex Trucks will bring its articulated haulers – the TA300 and TA400 – to customers in the country.

Atlas Poland was founded in 2003 and today has 40 employees working in three locations across the country, ensuring customer requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently. “We’re excited to work with Terex Trucks and bring their articulated haulers to customers in Poland,” says Matthias Fullner, General Manager at Atlas Poland. “The TA300 and TA400 are robust, reliable and versatile machines. With so many flats and houses being built across the country, we think our customers will benefit from Terex Trucks’ high-quality articulated haulers that come at a low cost of ownership.”

Versatile machines

“With Atlas Poland, we have a very experienced dealer by our side that puts customers first,” says Etienne Lalande, Regional Sales Manager at Terex Trucks. “Their team maintains great client relationships, visiting and talking to customers to better understand their needs. Poland is a growth market and this partnership is an important strategic expansion for Terex Trucks. By signing Atlas Poland we’ve made sure we have the right partner that understands the country and knows what customers want.”

Apart from residential construction sites, articulated haulers are also a popular choice for road construction projects in Poland, and they can be found in mines as well as quarries throughout the country. Terex Trucks articulated haulers are built to perform in many different applications – the recently upgraded TA300 is a versatile machine. It is powered by a Scania DC9 engine and has a maximum payload of 28 tonnes (30.9 tons), maximum torque of 1880 Nm (1309 lbf ft) and can achieve gross power of 276 kW (370 hp). It is equipped with true independent front suspension as standard, resulting in excellent traction control and operator comfort. Since the end of last year, the TA300 has incorporated the new EP320 transmission as standard, which helps to deliver a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency and an enhanced performance. The upgraded transmission comes with two additional forward gears – eight in total – as well as four reverse gears. This helps to ensure smoother gear shifting and thereby superior operator comfort.

The TA400, the largest articulated hauler on offer from Terex Trucks, has a maximum payload of 38 tonnes (41.9 tons) and a heaped capacity of 23.3 m3 (30.3 yd3). The Allison HD4560 transmission boasts high performance oil and up to 6,000 hours between service intervals. Both machines come with hydrostatic power steering and all-hydraulic braking systems, helping to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Source: Terex Trucks; SE10

Terex TA 300 on LECTURA Specs
Terex TA 400 on LECTURA Specs