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ATN launches a new machine at the APEX Show

“PIAF COMPACT” joins the current range


ATN, French manufacturer of aerial work platforms will show at the APEX Show the following machines:

• ATN currently aims to extend its range of vertical mast boom lifts, and will therefore present the PIAF COMPACT at the APEX fair in Amsterdam next June (stand 210). This electro hydraulic platform stands out for its compact dimensions (1.46m Longer x 0.78 large), it fits on an elevator, and its low weight, less than 970 kg.

• With the PIAF COMPACT, ATN will also exhibit the PIAF 1100R on wheels and PIAF 810 on tracks.     o The first one, PIAF 1100R stand out for its working higher (10, 98 mts), horizontal reach     (3.74 mts) and a low ground clearance (10.4 Kg/cm²). It has a low center of gravity, which     allows to loading/unloading the machine without oscillating movements. Another feature is     the cover, makes in fiberglass. This composition is much more resistant than the ABS covers     and easier to repair, if it needed.

    o The second one, PIAF 810 on tracks, stand out because is the only one platform in the     world, using tracks without spiders. This machine is remarkable for its low center of gravity,     weight (2.200kg) and a low ground pressure (0.5Kg/cm²), which allows to use it in all kind of     fragile floors. With the tracks, this PIAF can be used for finishing works, in rough terrains.

• The mast boom lifts, have been manufactured with long-lasting materials, which assure a long-life for the platforms, thanks to their steel frames, fiber glass and low center of gravity. One of the particularities of these mast boom lifts is that they are full hydraulic that means, they can be operated with extreme sub-zero temperatures or on humid or wet sites. They exclude any type of electronic component or card.

• Besides the mast boom range, ATN will present the Zebra 12 and the Zebra 16.
    o ZEBRA 12 a 4x4 RT articulating boom with 39 cm of ground clearance and 8.50 meters of     horizontal outreach, usually found in 16 meters articulated boom lifts.
    o ZEBRA 16 a 4x4 RT articulating boom, which stands out thanks its 9.30 meters of horizontal     outreach and its ground clearance (45 cm).

• Both machines include on board a LCD colour diagnostic screen system, which scans all the electronic components and detects any eventual breakdown, covers in fiber glass an engine Kubota mounted on a sliding platform.

• The scissors range will be represented by the CX 15. The only scissors lift on the market combining a 16-m² platform with a maximum lift capacity of 700 kg. Its raising and lowering times are also remarkable. Indeed, the platform can move from their stowed position to their up position in only 40 seconds.

• As the articulated boom lifts, this platform includes an integrated and protected diagnostic system with a screen located under the covers, able to scan, detect and communicate any problem, using a message in the language of the user. This same screen can be used to configure the platform without need to connect an auxiliary laptop.

ATN Company designs and manufactures in France a range of AWP machines especially made for the AWP Rental Industry.
With the new models, ATN expands its current range and gives a new choice for the rental companies in the aerial work platform market.

Stand no: 210