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BAUER AG's annual general meeting offers a look back at the company's 225-year history

- Shareholders vote in favor of EUR 0.15 dividend per share
- Forecast confirmed: positive level of orders and numerous project opportunities

BAUER Aktiengesellschaft's annual general meeting today focused not only on the financial year gone by, but also on the company's 225 years in business. Some 400 shareholders, shareholder representatives and guests convened at the headquarters in the Upper Bavarian town of Schrobenhausen to learn about the activities of the long-established company, which has been operated by the Bauer family for seven generations. Founded in 1790 as a coppersmith's shop, the construction and machinery manufacturing concern today has about 10,400 employees and 110 subsidiaries in approximately 70 countries around the world.

The shareholders voted in favor of all agenda items by a large majority, showing their overwhelming support for management team's proposals. Among other things, they voted for a EUR 0.15 dividend per share. As a result, the company will pay out approximately EUR 2.6 million in dividends. "We want our shareholders to share in our profit, even though much of this profit came from a one-time income item last year," said Prof. Thomas Bauer, Chairman of the Management Board of BAUER AG. In the medium term, he anticipates that the company's dividend payout ratio will be between 25 and 30 percent of its reported profit after tax.

He also confirmed the forecast for this year. The company is expecting total Group revenues of about EUR 1.6 billion, profit after tax of about EUR 18 to 23 million, and an EBIT of about EUR 75 million. "We had a positive start to the current business year, order levels are good, and we're working on other projects that hold promising opportunities for us," said Bauer, full of confidence.

In his presentation, Prof. Bauer reported on the business year gone by and highlighted numerous projects that show how the company is proving its technological expertise all around the world. "It's always a big challenge to handle the different economic and geopolitical changes in our various markets, but we have the flexibility and strength to weather such changes. Throughout our long history, we've always succeeded, even during difficult and uncertain times."

After the general meeting, many shareholders accepted an invitation to learn more about the company's history by visiting the company museum on the first floor in the "Alte Schweißerei". The museum had been remodeled in honor of the company's anniversary this year.

Source: BAUER Aktiengesellschaft; Bauer Group