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BAUER Maschinen Group opened its doors for the In-House Exhibition 2014

BAUER Maschinen Group once again extended invitations to its traditional In-House Exhibition to be held in Schrobenhausen from May 10-13 2014, showcasing the latest developments in specialist foundation equipment. Over 1,700 customers, partners and friends of the Group from more than 70 countries worldwide responded to the call.


Rotary drilling rigs of the BG series have for many years been the core products of Bauer Maschinen. They are continuously improved and supplemented with new models. The multi-functional character of the BG PremiumLine was spectacularly showcased by four machines with different types of applications:

The BG 46 PremiumLine is at the top end of the range and designed for difficult piling operations with large diameters of up to 3 m and great depths of up to 100 m. A diesel engine with an output of 563 kW (Tier 4 final), a rigid mast with an overall height of almost 35 m, a main winch with a line pull of 450 kN, all contribute towards the achievement of such enormous borehole dimensions.

At the In-House Exhibition, the BG 46 served as base carrier for the BC 35 diaphragm wall cutter. The rig conversion can be carried out with only a few additional components. Two large hose drums on top of the upper carriage help to increase the powerful impression of the machine. These drums carry both, the hydraulic hoses, and the mud hose and achieve a cutter depth of 100 m. „And believe me, that’s a great deal of depth!” commented the Chairman of the Management Board, Prof. Thomas Bauer, with considerable pride.

With the BG 39 PremiumLine, Bauer Maschinen showcased a machine in a typical configuration of a kelly drilling machine, with a BV 1500-7C casing oscillator attachment for heavy casing operations. The BG 39 can reach drilling depths of up to 91 m. To achieve this, a new main winch was installed with a line pull of 355 kN and a line speed of 64 m/min. The full line pull and line speed are maintained over the entire depth by way of a single layer design with a wide winch drum and a drive consisting of two hydraulic motors.

The BG 18 H PremiumLine was showcased at the exhibition grounds as a representative of the smaller PremiumLine machines. It was „small“ in two ways as it was exhibited in a low headroom version, with an overall height of 12 m. After mounting an upper mast section, the BG 18 H is converted into a standard drilling rig with an overall height of 19 m.

A BG 30 H PremiumLine machine attracted considerable interest amongst our visitors, as it was able to show, as part of the live demonstrations in Aresing, drilling operations using a new process – the “partly-cased CFA System.”

The second drilling rig product line is the ValueLine. The machines of this series are optimized for kelly drilling operations. The latest and smallest representative is the BG 11 H ValueLine. It is mounted on a standard CAT 320 E base carrier and the main target market for the BG 11 H is the oil and gas industry of the USA. Important in this market are compactness, maneuverability and a low transport weight of 34 t with kelly bar and rotary drive, in combination with the ability to carry out different preparatory boreholes, such as cellar drilling, conductor pipe drilling, mouse and rathole drilling. The BG 11 H can, of course, also be used for normal bored piling applications to a depth of up to 40 m.

The BG 26 ValueLine is the top-selling machine. It was showcased with a BV 1180 casing oscillator, which is supplied with sufficient power by the on-board hydraulic system of the machine and can be operated by the rig-operator from inside the cab.

The MC duty-cycle cranes are the ideal multi-purpose machines for many specialist foundation engineering applications. This year, Bauer Maschinen showcased an MC 96, the 100th MC foundation crane, in combination with a heavy duty Leffer VRM 3000 casing oscillator. The complete unit, including a piling grab for a 3 m diameter bore and casing oscillator, has an overall weight of around 200 t. A high degree of stability, a high engine output and powerful and fast winches are the most important elements for a successful operation, particularly in a classic market for grabs, such as Hong Kong. Several MC 96s are already operating in this difficult market to the full satisfaction of the customers.

The subsidiaries of Bauer Maschinen contributed much to the diversified and colourful picture of the exhibition by the enormously varied selection of their products.

Two piling rigs – RG 21 T and RM 20 – by RTG Rammtechnik, were equipped with technical innovations. The newly designed HRS accelerated hydraulic hammer mounted on the RM 20 improves both the quality and the efficiency of impact pile driving operations. The ACS automatic coupling system on the RG 21 T facilitates a quick and controlled exchange of attachments, such as vibrator and rotary drive.

The large number of visitors to the machines produced by KlemmBohrtechnik confirmed the worldwide acceptance of this company in the market and the high level of visitor interest in the three showcased machines of the KR series.

Prakla showcased their proven RB 50 FM water well drilling rig, equipped with a mast extension. Shortly before the In-House Exhibition, Prakla acquired AGBO, a company rich in tradition. Many visitors were, therefore, surprised to see an AGBO G 300 water well drilling rig being exhibited on the Prakla Stand.

Members of the staff of MAT, ABS, Hausherr, Eurodrill, Pileco and Fambo were in considerable demand by visitors for detailed discussions, due to the many interesting technical innovations on show in their respective specialist fields.

In addition to the numerous machines exhibited in the open air exhibition area, visitors were able to inform themselves about different offers and services and also seek specialist advice in the "Old Welding Shop", which had been converted into an exhibition hall. Maritime technologies, deep drilling for oil and gas, anchor technology construction elements and components are but a few examples. The Parts and Service Department provided a wealth of information on the availability of comprehensive systems for support services, maintenance and routine servicing of Bauer machines at customers’ premises. At the stand of the Electronics Department it was even possible to drill a virtual pile from an operator’s seat with actual operating controls.

Particular points of interest for our visitors were the live demonstrations of machines at the premises of our assembly plant in Aresing. Proven machine technology, technical innovations and innovative systems could be seen in operation. The program ranged from a new technique for the construction of bored piles using the “partly-cased CFA System” with a BG drilling rig, to a highly impressive method for the installation of soil mix columns with a diameter in excess of 2 m using an RTG base carrier. Also on display was a simple but highly effective personnel fall protection system for rigging lattice booms on MC crawler cranes.

Despite frequent downpours and cool temperatures, the atmosphere amongst visitors and staff alike was very positive and relaxed throughout the exhibition. After three eventful days, all visitors were able to set off for home again with many new impressions and strengthened with new ideas.

Source: BAUER Aktiengesellschaft; Bauer Group