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Bauma 2013


Alsina, one of the leading companies in the formwork world, will participate in the forthcoming Bauma 2013, the 30th International trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment. The trade fair, which is due from 15th to 21th next April in the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, is celebrated every three years and it is the world’s largest and most important trade fair for the building industry.

More than 60 years creating value in the formwork sector
With more than 60 years generating value in the formwork sector, Alsina’s Group has established itself as one of the leading companies in the formwork world. Its customer service vocation and the constant investment in R & D over the years have been the key to several technological developments in the sector, helping to create safer and more productive and ergonomic formwork systems.

Being an International company based in Spain, Alsina employs nowadays more than 500 people and operates in 14 countries with 25 centers to offer their work services on thousands of projects all over the world. By offering a comprehensive service in the study, design and supply of formwork for the execution of concrete structures "in situ", the company has been able to adapt itself to suit the needs of the market through all this years, which has allowed developing a strategy of continuous improvement in its products and services to its lines of Building, Civil Works and Safety. The Group also collaborates permanently with several institutions and universities in order to help the development of the sector and the formation of future professionals.

Alsina’s engineering department has created more than 100 patents and utility models over the years, which have allowed industrializing the process of implementation of concrete structures "in situ", plus they have added value on safety and ergonomics issues. But the R & D has not only focused on creating and improving product for the building sites, but has also developed new machinery and processes for repairing and cleaning products from rented building sites.

Alsina, the more comprehensive International formwork service
Since the vocation to offer the best customer service has always been a constant premise for the company, Alsina, in addition to working in order to develop the reliable systems and products, offers its customers a full service based on a technical study of the project and on site monitoring in the most ergonomic way to meet agreed deadlines. On the other hand, the technical office (Alsitec) has more than 50 programs to perform the calculation, design, supply and implementation plans of all formwork systems for all concrete structures and for decentering studies, intended to advise the customer throughout the implementation process in the most productive, safe and profitable way. So, by offering all these services at its best, Alsina supplies the customer with the most complete and comprehensive service in the sector, which covers his entire project needs in all of its stages.

Due to this effort in the recent years to expand the range of products, programs and layout calculation, and by retraining technicians and creating new systems, the company has expanded the building site types to work on over the world, including several types of bridges, dams, thermal power plants and fake tunnels. These kind of constructions imply a very high technical complexity which could become even more difficult due the difficulty of providing material and technical assistance to long distances in International projects, all of which are effectively resolved by each of one of the 14 subsidiaries with their own warehouses and qualified technicians that Alsina has over the world.

The revolution on Slab formworking systems: Mecanoconcept by Alsina:
One of the keys of the company’s expansion is the exportation of new systems that have been proved worthy for more than 40 years in Spain, such as the Mecanoconcept: a mechanized and productive industrialized and intuitive system to effectively save time on formwork. Developed by Alsina since de 80’s, this revolutionary system it’s been mostly used in apartment building constructions, positioning the company as the leader in Spain. Now Alsina is willing to export the Mecanoconcept system to the rest of the world in the forthcoming years.

The Mecanoconcept comprises a series of solutions (Alumecano, Mecanoflex, Aluflex, Alucubetas and Alulosas) with common features such lightweight components throughout (designed with duralumin) and semi-rigid joints between the components comprising each solution for an industrialized approach to formworking, turning it into an intuitive, simple mechanical process. The productivity rates when using this system are very high, since it saves on substantial time and costs on formworking tasks, always ensuring the highest quality finishes and guaranteeing safety at every stage of the formworking project. On the other hand, the Clearing System, one of the main features of Mecanoconcept, emphasizes saving formwork equipment used: three days after pouring concrete, 80% of the equipment can be recovered so it can be used on framing an upper slab. The remaining 20% of the equipment is left shoring the poured floor for 21 to 28 days. Accordingly, the client can maximize the use of formwork equipment for concrete slabs. For all these reasons the system guarantees the best possible solution for any type of formwork, regardless of the construction typology. The various mecano systems adapt perfectly to the client’s specific needs, always achieving the most appropriate, cost- effective solution for the project.

We have on site to promote this concept:

Alsina, leading the water and sewage work formwork solutions
On the other hand, Alsina has also specialized in water and sewage works since the 90’s, developing specific formwork solutions for sewage treatment plants, water treatment and water projects in general, and therefore leading the sector with thousand of building sites and works not only in Spain but all over the world as well.

Growing and creating formwork solutions all over the world
By offering a complete and comprehensive service that includes all the knowledge, product and technical assistant that the client may need, and by exporting such work value, systems and products to the international market, the company, leader in building and public works’ formwork solutions, is expected to increase its international business by 20% this year, with an expected total turnover exceeding 58 million euros, of which approximately 56% are from International projects. It is because this growing positive trend in the international expansion that the company expects to increase its turnover by 65% over the next three years, reaching a total turnover of 90 million euros.

For further information, please contact us:
Mr. David Espadas
Alsina Group Communications Manager