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Bauma 2019: Pilosio presents improved and optimized range of products

Stand: Open-air area North-East FN 720/7


Bauma 2019 is the most important international trade fair for Pilosio Group SpA. The Italian company will be in Munich to exhibit its range of formworks for walls and slabs and its scaffolding, updated and expanded with a new line of accessories and finishes, designed to improve quality and safety, without sacrificing any of the simplicity or speed of assembly.

High performance Slab formwork systems

The SLABFORM modular system is one of the star performers that Pilosio Group SpA offers for slab casting in the residential, civil and industrial fields. The range of accessories for Slabform has been improved and expanded. With two new head options on offer, a quick drop and fixed version, durability has been improved with a galvanized finish. The PVC profile positioned on the upper part of the aluminum beams has improved thickness and ductility. The new beam- prop stirrup, designed to connect any type of prop (steel or aluminum Slabprop 2.0) in any position under the beam, is a great addition to the range.

To improve safety aspects of the SLABFORM system, we have introduced a new beam head handrail support (patent pending) that can be positioned on the head of the beams, or to fix a handrail with a bayonet system. The system is then rounded off with a new metal mesh handrail.

The range of SLABPROP 2.0 aluminum props presented at Bauma 2016 has been extended with a series of connection frames for the construction of tower systems. It now comes in the following lengths: 75 cm, 127 cm, 137 cm, 150 cm, 155 cm, 202 cm, 230 cm and 300 cm (in aluminum).

The LINEAR system (traditional prop and beam slab system) has also been upgraded with new connecting frames for steel props. They come in a range of sizes: 75 cm, 125 cm, 150 cm, and 180 cm.

High capacity shoring systems

Pilosio will also present a new tower system designed to support heavy loads at height. The high-capacity tower SIMPLEX HD has galvanized finishing and is outstanding for the simplicity of its installation, with a load capacity up to 100 kN per leg.

The system enables towers from a minimum of 1.5 m x 0.75 m up to 1.5 m x 2.5 m to be built. The three different heights of the frames can be combined with each other in order to achieve the height required by the project. The new SIMPLEX HD tower has been designed to guarantee maximum time savings during assembly and handling and it is also possible to integrate an internal staircase for access to the work platform.

At bauma, in the Pilosio Group stand, the SIMPLEX HD tower will be exhibited alongside a heavy-load MP tower.

Improved steel frame panel formworks

Pilosio Group will also have on display an updated version of the MAGNUM 2.0 formwork. This product is designed to meet the needs of high jet pressure (up to 80 kN/m2 and up to 100 kN/m2 for adjustable column panels). MAGNUM 2.0 is the ideal system for large surfaces and where high productivity is required. The panel is equipped with special pressed parts in a frame profile that simplifies and speeds up the dismantling operation. It is equipped with a new service bracket made with MP Multidirectional elements and has a galvanized finishing. The P300 universal system is now also offered in a galvanized version to provide further durability.

The new P300 and MAGNUM 2.0 adjustable panels have been re-designed to offer a better quality of concrete casting finishing. The new stripping corner has been designed with a thread mechanism and fine tuned to optimize usability on site. The stripping corner is connected to the panels with standard Pilosio clamps and it is possible to adapt the same system both to the P300 panels and to MAGNUM 2.0. It has two height options of 300 cm or 150 cm.

Pilosio offers a renewed range of PUSH-PULL PROPS, with a new head optimized to be used on the complete range of wall formworks and new bases that improve and simplify use on site.The complete range consists of the following dimensions: 100-150 cm, 210-360 cm, 300-460 cm, 530-700 cm, 650-1000 cm.

New top lattice girder for T76 BUILDING aluminum cover

A new top lattice girder has been created for the T76 BUILDING model with an inclination of 27.5° (higher than the current 15°) to meet the needs of use in the Alpine areas and Northern Europe.

MP Multidirectinal system updated

A new range of intermediate transoms especially designed for the oil & gas industry and for industrial maintenance that make it even easier to assemble MP scaffolding when there are obstacles such as pipes or other protruding elements.