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Bauma Fanatical: XCMG Exhibits Sold Out

The sales team under the leadership of Mr. Liu Jiansen, assistant president of XCMG and general manager of XCMG Import & Export Co. Ltd. experienced a hectic day every day in "reception, talks, test drive, contract sign, and delivery" in Munich. This time, XCMG exhibited 9 exhibits at Bauma exhibition in Munich. On the first day, the exhibits were taken by customers who intended to purchase and during the exhibition; they were signed and sold with subsequent orders coming continuously.

"Go and print a batch of samples of XCA100E, inventory is running out!" From the third day of this exhibition, these words were heard in the booth from the mouth of business personnel every day. Thousand samples brought from China to Germany had been taken in the first 3 days during the exhibition. The exhibits were ordered at the first day during the exhibition and subsequently lots of orders were received. All of this verifies the great success of crane XCA100E that is customized for high-end European market.

"I will take these three loaders and we can sign the contract now!"Just finishing testing the loaders, the customer said this even thought he hadn't got off from the loader. The staff immediately printed and signed the contracts and handed over the keys to the customer. All was complete smoothly and in a second.

If speak to the most popular products, it has to be the new high-end small excavator XE35U. At the first day of the exhibition, it was ordered by a customer immediately. After the customer's permission, it continued 6 days of exhibition and performance, such as calligraphy and threading a needle, which attracted numerous audience to take photos and gained high praise because of these subtle movements.

The last sold rotary digging drill XR220DII was the hulk one in the exhibitionand his new master was the German highest-end customer.The customer showed up in the booth, but did not decide immediately to buy it. After 5 days of brand comparison, the customer returned to the booth and told the sales staff "I looked around 5 days, and finally decided to buy your productsand I want to be your dealer establishing a long-term cooperation with you."

The exhibits showed in this exhibition are all researched and developed aiming at European market and they are all passed through the CE certification. In addition, this batch of exhibits are sold to European high-end market customers from Germany, Austria, Ireland, Sweden and Poland, which proves that XCMG’s products have received the recognition from the high-end market.

Moreover, not only the exhibits were sold out but also the models on display were requested by a German customer to pack out on the first exhibition day. The rest of hundreds of models were also obtained by German children.