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BERGMANN Chaser Bin GTW 330

The highest transfer capacity for the powerful harvest chain


At AGRITECHNICA 2013 the expert audience was able to marvel at the largest and most powerful transfer trailer in Europe at the BERGMANN stand - the GTW 430. To close the gap to the other GTW’s in the portfolio, BERGMANN is unveiling the GTW 330 in Hannover.

Depending on the configuration this newly developed trailer carries 30 to 33 m³ and thus is perfect as a link in a modern harvesting chain with two large harvesters. Grain quantities exceeding 80 t per hour per harvester can be quickly transported to and transferred into the waiting trucks. This contributes to an efficient and stress-free harvest.

But not only the economic aspects are in the foreground when using such a vehicle. The sustainable use of resources is also an important issue. The GTW 330 can also be fitted with large-volume tires that provide for significant ground pressure reduction. At AGRITECHNICA, the trailer will be shown with 750/60 R30.5 tires.

The augers, which are known from the GTW 430, enable fast transfer of enormous quantities of harvested materials to the waiting road transport vehicles without loss. The unparalleled gigantic transfer performance of up to 1,100 t/h results from the progressive auger pitch and a 600 mm diameter transfer auger. Unloading times of less than 90 seconds are possible. This minimizes expensive downtime, both for the harvesters, as well as the transport vehicles. In addition, the auger's special design ensures uniform unloading of the cargo compartment.

The GTW 330's special drive constitutes a unique feature among transfer trailers. A part of the torque from the tractor PTO is directed to the feed auger via a so-called power belt. This power belt is a multi-component composite belt, which has proven itself in forage harvesters and combines for decades. It offers absolutely quiet operation, no necessary maintenance and the special possibility of hydraulic coupling under load. These advantages are not possible with other drives.

The user has the advantage that the feed auger can be switched off under full load and the transfer auger can run empty, for cases when the remaining load does not fit on the transport trailer, but the the harvester is ready to be serviced again. In addition, the transfer auger is driven by robust bevel gear as soon as the tractor PTO shaft rotates.

However, when using the tractor hydraulics not only the coupling is variable but also the conveyor capacity. BERGMANN also has a stepless dosing unit above the feed auger, which can also be adjusted during unloading operations.

Requirements on the transfer location are reduced due to the incline adjustment of the transfer auger. The angle of inclination can be infinitely hydraulically adjusted during operation, so that both high vehicles and vehicles standing further away with can be easily loaded. Heights of 5.5 meters and distances of 3.5 meters can be reached.

Of course an optional hydraulically adjustable discharge pipe extension is available to load the transport teams perfectly. This also makes it possible to use the GTW 330 for filling large drills or fertilizer spreaders in the spring time. The transfer auger's long reach is standard and available without additional extension augers etc.

For driving at high speeds on the field and short transfer times the trailer should be pulled by a large tractor with a at least 170 kW / 230 hp. Short lap times are a condition for optimum threshing performance and increasing threshing performance. However, even tractors with 132 kW / 180 hp are sufficient for the drive.

To make manoeuvring easier and provide for safe and comfortable road handling with a loaded vehicle, the GTW 330 will be optionally available with electro-hydraulic forced steering, which steers the first and third axles of this tandem trailer.

This safety benefit is positively supported by the already known, specially developed hydraulic suspension. Its absolutely stable driving behaviour is significantly superior to a spring-pendulum unit and it also has the advantage of 300 mm axle compensation, which ensures that plow furrows and uneven ground do not cause a loss of driving comfort.

In order to quickly protect the loaded bulk materials such as seeds, fertilizer or grain against the influences of dirt and weather BERGMANN has developed a unique cover that can be hydraulically opened and closed from the tractor seat. So the driver does not need to leave his workplace. It's not possible to find more comfort.

At the moment everyone is talking about economics, but also safe and legal road transport. To play an active role here, the GTW 330 is equipped with a weighing device which enables accurate loading of transport vehicles. At the same time it provides immediate yield capture and enables recording of the amount harvested.

It will be exhibited in Hannover with comfort controls for easier control of the numerous machine functions. This provides a breakdown of the controls, arranged according to function groups and thus a fast, safe and easy way to learn how to operate the transfer trailer.

With the new GTW 330 BERGMANN has developed a vehicle which can not only service several large harvesters, but can also cover long distances and shorten transfer times. These decisive advantages are essential for the optimal utilization of combine harvesters and thus for economic grain harvesting.