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BERTI M. A. SPA: interesting new developments for the next trade fairs

For the next trade fairs, BERTI, a major European manufacturer of mulchers located in Northern Italy, will present some interesting new developments.


First of all, a new model of hydraulic mulching heads for 7,5-11 ton excavators, the PARK/FX. This is equipped with a rotor with fixed teeth able to cut and mulch bushes, branches, and trunks up to 10 cm in diameter. It is offered in one working measurement of 80 cm. It is built with high resistance special steels with piston motors, skids made of wear-proof material, and cutting teeth with tungsten carbide inserts. With its built-in “BERTI FLUID-BOX” valve block, the machine is able to optimize the use of the hydraulic capacity available, safely maximizing the operating performance.

A second important development involves the presentation of the new model of remote control tool carriers: E-TRAIL. With a Diesel Yanmar 3 Cylinder engine, 38 HP, independent hydrostatic tracks, piston pumps, liquid cooling and thanks to its extremely low barycentre and the design of the tracks, it is able to operate on slopes up to 55° in complete safety.

The E-TRAIL vehicle also drives the innovative BERTI ET/M hydraulic mulcher completely built of highly resistant steel with an operating width of 130 cm, floating hook, electronically balanced rotor with hammers-flails, and skids of wear-proof material. This professional reliable mulcher is able to mulch any type of plant material such as grass, bushes, reedbeds, and woody material up to about 6-8 centimetres in diameter. Each function of the vehicle and mulching machine is controlled remotely up to a maximum of 150 metres using a portable console with two proportional Joysticks and other proportional and independent controls.

With these major new developments, BERTI intends to strengthen its role in the global market for the maintenance of public greens and forestry in the most varied applications.