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Bobcat Presents ‘Next is Now’ Launches at Hillhead Digital

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- Spearheading the Compact Market with New Products and Technology - 


At the Hillhead Digital exhibition event from 30-31 March 2021, Bobcat is presenting all of the new products the company has recently launched under the company’s exciting ‘Next is Now’ banner, including: 

  • New R2-Series 5-6 tonne Mini-Excavators

  • New Compact Wheel Loader and Small Articulated Loader Products

  • New R-Series Skid-Steer and Compact Track Loaders

  •  New Rotary Telehandler Range

  • New Light Compaction Range 

Bobcat Virtual Booth at the Hillhead Digital exhibition 

After clicking on the Bobcat virtual booth link below, visitors can quickly register and connect with the Bobcat booth:

Once connected, at the top of the page there is a panel entitled Media Gallery, which can be clicked on for a selection of videos to watch on all of the products above and more and also the Documents panel, from where visitors can download brochures and leaflets on the new products.

The Meet with us! section offers a panel showing time slots throughout the two day event to book a 15 minute video meeting with a Bobcat representative. In the Live Chat box, visitors can type in a message and they will be able to have a chat online with Bobcat staff to get more detailed information.

Bobcat TR60.250 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Next is Now - Diversification and Expansion

With Next is Now, Bobcat is not just aiming to be the global leader in compact construction equipment; the goal is to lead the entire compact equipment industry. To do this, the company is now offering a wider product line, with more frequent product updates and innovative designs and technologies, to empower customers to work more efficiently and to enable them to achieve more than ever before.

Roy Haaker, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Doosan Bobcat EMEA, said: “Inspired by the Next is Now philosophy, Bobcat has launched an unprecedented number of new products and product categories. In the first phase, we have made launches in thirteen different categories, covering 58 products in total.”

New R2-Series 5-6 tonne Mini-Excavators 

Bobcat has launched the company’s new R2-Series generation of 5-6 tonne Stage V compliant mini-excavators – the new E50z, E55z and E60 models. The R2-Series machines offer many new state-of-the-art features and options such as Bobcat’s unique award-winning Advanced Selectable Auxiliary Control (A-SAC) system and the innovative Automatic Track Tensioning System (ATTS) technology. 

The E50z zero house swing (ZHS) model is the entry point to this new family of 5-6 tonne high productivity excavators. The E55z is a premium comfort and high performance ZHS machine offering outstanding stability. The new E60 is the flagship conventional swing model, featuring a more powerful engine, a larger cab and other new unique features. 

Bobcat L28 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Bobcat Enters the Wheel Loader Market 

To expand the company’s loader product portfolio and to strengthen the company’s position as the world leader in compact equipment, Bobcat has entered the wheel loader market for compact wheel loaders (CWLs) and small articulated loaders (SALs). 

By entering the wheel loader category, Bobcat now has the largest loader portfolio of any manufacturer in the world. This expansion provides customers with more choice of Bobcat products, with optimized characteristics for specific applications in construction, rental, agriculture, landscaping, road works, material handling and many other industries. 

Bobcat has entered the CWL market with the company’s first model - the L85 - designed and built by Bobcat at the company’s campus in Dobris in the Czech Republic. The L85 CWL sets a new market-leading performance benchmark in construction and rental markets. 

Bobcat is also entering the SAL market with two models, the L23 and L28, designed and built by the company in Bismarck in North Dakota, USA. With the new Bobcat SALs, the traditional attributes of high performance in a compact size, agility and versatility are now complemented by a light touch on the ground and increased lift capacity for lower weight machines. 

New R-Series Stage V Compact Loaders 

Bobcat has launched the company’s new R-Series Stage V compliant compact loaders comprising the S66 and S76 skid-steer loaders and the T66 and T76 compact track loaders. These new R-Series machines are the result of the most significant redesign of Bobcat compact loaders in 60 years. 

The new loaders feature a variety of performance, comfort and visibility enhancements to help provide customers with increased productivity. As a result, many previous options are now built into the new R-Series loaders as standard features. 

Completely redesigned from the ground up with a focus on quality, reliability, durability and first-class comfort, the new R-Series loaders represent the next stage in the evolution of the compact equipment industry. 

Bobcat T76 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Bobcat Launches New Rotary Telehandler Range 

Bobcat has also collaborated with Magni TH of Italy to launch an expanded line of new generation rotary telehandlers for markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Russia and the CIS countries. 

The new Bobcat rotary telehandler range includes ten Stage V compliant models for the European market, with lifting heights from 18 to 39 m and lifting capacities from 4 to 7 tonne. These are complemented by another four Stage IIIA engine powered models aimed at the Middle East, Africa and Russia/CIS regions with lifting heights from 18 to 25 m and lifting capacities from 4 to 6 tonne. 

Bobcat Launches New Light Compaction Range 

As the latest expansion under the Next is Now banner, the new light compaction range from Bobcat is designed to meet work requirements on almost any compaction job site. Launched in collaboration with the Ammann Group, machine specifications include state of the art technologies that allow maximum performance, while not compromising on comfort, safety and simplicity of use. 

Altogether, the Bobcat light compaction range comprises seven different product families and will ultimately offer 37 models, including vibratory rammers; vibratory forward plates; reversible vibratory plates; hydrostatic plates; walk behind rollers; trench rollers and tandem rollers.

Source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

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