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Bonino at EIMA 2018

Founded over seventy years ago, the Italian company BONINO is today the world leader in the design and construction of Self-loading cutter wagons and specialist in the design and production of custom made machines for harvesting aromatics herbs.


Self-loading cutter wagons: machines that carry out three activities at a single stage of work.

The Bonino Self-loading cutter wagons, called TRISYSTEM, carry out three activities at a single stage of work: they cut the grass, load it onto the wagon and automatically distribute it in the manger of the stable. These features allow operators to reduce their workload and therefore have more free time.

The Bonino machines are ideal to feed the cows with fresh grass, diet known to be more qualitative that translates into high-quality milk and meat production. Milk, for example, will be rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid with antioxidant and anti-cancer properties) bearer of many health benefits. Feeding cows with fresh grass helps reduce feed costs, increase milk production, and raise profits.

Premium quality forage.

The unique features of the Bonino Self-loading Cutter Wagons allow producing premium quality forage: grass cut off from the cutter bar is directly loaded on the wagon without falling to the ground. This ensures a perfect cleanliness of forage and maintain all its nutritional properties.

A complete range suitable for both large or small areas.

Bonino manufactures a complete range of Mowing Wagons suitable for both large or small plain areas, for hilly and mountainous areas. According to customers' requirements, movements can be controlled by fixed or movable mechanical levers (placed inside of the cabin of the towing vehicle) or electro-hydraulic controls by means of a keypad which can also be placed inside of the cabin.

The rotary cutter bar has two height-adjustable drums which enable a clean and precise cut, even on uneven terrain. The self-loading conveyor is positioned in such a way as to load the cut product without allowing it to fall to the ground. It can also be fitted with chopping knives, indispensable to load excessively long forage.

The discharge of the forage takes place directly into the feedings through a special belt or with special dosing rollers, it is also possible to have both systems. On the same machine unloading can be rear, left side, right side or simultaneous bilateral discharge.

Special machines for harvesting aromatics herbs, and leafy vegetables

The constant growth of Bonino is based on solid family tradition, innovative technology and the ability to adapt to specific customer needs. Bonino is the world leader in the design and construction of Self-loading cutter wagons but is also a specialist in the design and production of special super customized machines for the collection of aromatic herbs. Leading edge in this area is the new and super-performing Lavender harvester.

These machines represent the ultimate results of Bonino technology and are custom built for the customer: dimensions, choice of cutting and collecting systems, carriageway, load capacity, etc. are decided with the Customer.

Each machine has a specific configuration that is processed according to the type and variety of crop, to the type of ground on which it will work and according to other specific needs of the operator.

The large number of variants available on special machines does not allow simple standardized segmentation. Bonino can provide some examples of models already made with features compatible with the specific need of the customer.

In the Bonino special machines we highlight the excellent research, study and experience that the company has. These features make it possible to guarantee solidity and durability of the vehicle; precise execution of planned work operations and maintenance of the optimal quality of the harvested product.

Today Bonino machines are present in over thirty countries around the world, scattered across Europe, Australia and America. A widespread and qualified assistance network guarantees an effective after-sales service.

Source: Bonino S.a.s.