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Borusan Lojistics’ new SCHEUERLE rotor blade adapter on display at bauma 2016

Turkish logistics provider Borusan Lojistic decided to buy the proven SCHEUERLE rotor blade adapter system which has been designed to transport rotor blades under very difficult conditions. Mounted on a quick-release plate, the rotor blade can be positioned at an angle of 70°, pivoted as well as rotated around its own axis in order to avoid any obstacles. The system is equipped with a counterweight and calculates its position automatically to ensure stability during operation, a system unique in the market. The adapter is mounted on eight axle lines SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 and will be on display at the TII Group stand at bauma 2016 in Munich.


Rotor blades are sensitive and extremely long, with a trend towards ever larger installations. Rotor blade lengths of up to 80 meters are not uncommon anymore. When space is limited, companies around the world rely on the rotor-blade adapters by SCHEUERLE.

“With the precise control system of the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 and the movable counterweight of the rotor blade adapter we ensure perfect stability of the combination ", says Joachim Kolb, Area Manager Sales and responsible for wind equipment at the TII Sales.

Especially when approaching the respective technical limits, customers today rely on the experience of the TII Group in the production of vehicles for the transportation of wind equipment. With production sites in Germany, France and India the TII Group provides a wide range of innovative transport solutions for the wind power industry, and has reacted swiftly in recent years to the trend towards larger facilities and very remote locations with numerous innovations.

Today, vehicles made by the TII Group are not only moving blades but also nacelles in all areas - on automatic guided vehicles (AGV), which are used as a “conveyor belt” in the manufacture of the heavyweights, with modular platform trailers on public roads or on the famous “last mile”. They guarantee an economical and secure transport of nacelles. Also, wind tower segments can be transported with portal decks or special adapters made by the TII Group. Depending on the type of adapter, even special types of nacelles can be mounted directly onto the adapters.

Rotatable wind tower bolsters make transportation even easier when space is limited - mountable on platform trailers and SPMT by SCHEUERLE. Wind tower segments can thus be lifted up to 750 mm upwards in a parallel position or even up to an angle of 15° on one side and pivoted to the left or right up to an angle of -/- 30°.

Source: TII - Transporter Industry International GmbH