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BOSS ALPIN – The professional in steep terrain

Alpine terrain presents tough challenges for loader wagons


Steep slopes, uneven terrain and huge differences in elevation - these are the operating conditions that Pöttinger, the world's leading manufacturer of load wagons, has become closely acquainted with over many decades. The new BOSS ALPIN 211, 251 and 291 are perfectly designed for these conditions – high output, smooth running and safe on slopes.

Lightweight with the latest technology

The new BOSS ALPIN models are full-blooded alpinists and replace the BOSS LT series. In addition to sleek new looks, the BOSS ALPIN offers a floating pick-up with a freedom of movement of 150 mm and a hydraulic tailgate. As an option, a hydraulic automatically-controlled pivoting drawbar is available: "AUTOTAST" continuously senses the position of each end of the pick-up to control the ideal opening between the pick-up and loading unit. The advantages are enormous. AUTOTAST guarantees perfect ground tracking and forage collection as well as best forage quality in difficult, bumpy, alpine terrain. Thanks to the constant height regulation, the pick-up is protected and at the same time a uniform flow of forage from the pick-up to the loading unit is ensured. In addition, the automatic adjustment of the pick-up system takes the stress off the driver. The regulation speed is adjustable and enables a forward speed whilst loading of up to 8 kph.

The control concept has also been revised: Like on the larger models, the BOSS ALPIN is now available with modern SELECT and DIRECT CONTROL operating system. As standard, the machine is operated hydraulically directly from the tractor remotes.

Source: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik