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Broshuis open day rescheduled to 2017

As a result of the considerable building work which is ongoing at our 100.000m² head office site in Kampen, we have taken the decision to reschudele our 2016 open day. The Broshuis open day is the annual event in the specialist transport calender, where also operaters display their combinations with interesting and unusual loads. The event is geared towards demonstrating our drive towards safety, quality and innovation where everyone, young and old, can experience a day full of displays, demonstrations and activities.


This year however, because of the building of a new production hall and office facility to help increase our productivity. This will in turn decrease the delivery times for the many orders we continue to receive. This expansion will support that goal and allow us to remain innovative and lead the way through product development.

The down side to all this building work, is that the area currently is a building site and It’s not safe enough to welcome the thousands visitors who normally attend our open day. With all this in mind, we really had no option but to reschedule our 2016 open day.

Don’t worry though, in 2017 the open day will definitely return, bigger and better, and we look forwards to seeing you all then.  There may even be an opportunity to  show off your own latest trailer! We will be proud to show you the new office and end-fitting factory. We promise 2017 will be our best open day yet and we will keep you up to date throughout the year!

Source: Broshuis B.V.