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Bye-bye furniture store! SENNEBOGEN demolition excavator 830 E creates space for something new in Regensburg

The SENNEBOGEN 830 E demolishing the old furniture store fortress in record time after it stood empty for 10 years
SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik Europe
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The SENNEBOGEN 830 E demolishing the old furniture store fortress in record time after it stood empty for 10 years

Ten years of standing vacant is enough – company Metz Erdbau GmbH is tearing down what was left standing of the old fortress that was the former Wangler furniture store in Regensburg. At the center of the work is a 45 ton SENNEBOGEN 830 E demolition excavator, used by the company to remove material and for on-site crushing and sorting.

Valued partner on the building site

Easy to transport on a low-loader, short set-up time, flexible range of attachments – these are just some of the reasons why Metz Erdbau GmbH decided to purchase an 830 demolition excavator from SENNEBOGEN's E-series. The company was founded in 2007 and specializes in holistic dismantling activities – from the controlled demolition of the Regensburg furniture store, to crushing and sorting, right through to the removal of material, all carried out by one 25 person strong expert demolition team. It is clear that this approach requires machines that are as flexible as possible and they were found through working with SENNEBOGEN Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG and sales partner Michael Braun, CEO of HDV Bavaria.Be it demolition grab, bucket or shears, the flexibility of the demolition 830 from SENNEBOGEN's E-series is impressive

Stability and extensive reach

With a reach of 19 meters and a full width of 4.5 meters, the 830 E's demolition ability is ideally suited to downtown deconstruction. "Despite its compact dimensions, the 45 ton machine is very stable. This is especially evident when we are handling high load capacities, I rarely notice it vibrate or shake!" says operator Andreas Feigl.

Another plus, according to Andreas Feigl, is that the machine has a 360° operational radius and so gives an ideal view of the entire work area. The elevating Maxcab with a 30° tilt means that the operator can work comfortably at a view height of 6 meters. Reclined in the ergonomic comfort seat he can control the shears, bucket or even the demolition grab with a direct view of the attachment even at steep demolition heights.

Always an eye on costs

Operating with reduced emissions is an important responsibility, not just to be kind to the environment but also to be easy on the wallet. "The SENNEBOGEN 830 E comes out really well in the time-money-precision ratio!" says Christian Metz, founder and managing director of the demolition company. "The low consumption of the economical stage V diesel engine and the fact that there is barely any downtime thanks to fewer refueling stops and quick grab changes has completely won us over!"


Source: SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH