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“C-GENSET”, the new genset with cylindrical canopy, recently patented, the most avant-garde design on the market

40 kVA PRP generator set in conventional canopy with rounded edges
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40 kVA PRP generator set in conventional canopy with rounded edges

In 1999, INMESOL broke moulds by adding rounded corners and edges to its genset canopy design, which, in addition to protecting against possible damage from bumps, provided robustness and a more attractive look to the equipment.

In 2019, 20 years later, INMESOL dares to escape from the established, the existing, the conventional in terms of generator designs, and does so with the launch of a new original canopy, the most avant-garde and revolutionary canopy in the generator set market: “C-GENSET”, the new genset with cylindrical canopy designed by INMESOL.

40 kVA PRP generator set with CYLINDRICAL canopy

A basic principle of functionalism applied to product design, where the shape of objects responds to the function for which these are designed.

In the case of the cylindrical canopy, work has been carried out towards the manufacturing of a generator set that has lower volume (less height and width), and is lighter and more compact, so it can be easily integrated into the surroundings and environments of contemporary architecture, which is increasingly innovative and consistent with the environment.

Reduction of the environmental impact in its manufacture

In the manufacture of the new canopy, the material consumption has been optimised to the maximum with a 20% reduction in weight and a 40% reduction in volume, while maintaining all services of a conventional genset of the same power.

Source: INMESOL, S.L.