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Carry out work to a high professional standard – two new Kögel workshop toolboxes provide support here

  • Kögel Truck & Trailer Universal Set with a large selection of the most common unlocking tools

  • Repair Tool offers special equipment and assembly aids for the Kögel KTA Trailer Axle

The Kögel After Market Department has two new toolboxes with perfectly tailored tool kits available for all Kögel service partners and workshops. This high-grade work equipment in the usual Kögel quality enables the workshops to provide their customers with an even more efficient and reliable service. All the generally used unlocking tools for electrical contacts in tractor units and trailers can be found in the 37-piece Kögel Truck & Trailer Universal Set. The 31-piece Kögel KTA Trailer Axle Repair Tool combines all the requisite maintenance tools for the Kögel axle units.

Kögel Truck & Trailer Universal Set


The Kögel Truck & Trailer Universal Set enables workshops to equip themselves for the wide range of contacts in the housings, bases or sockets available on the market. This is because the set is suitable for all the generally used tractor units and trailers on the market. The high- quality unlocking tools undo electrical contacts safely, easily and without any damage – connectors and contacts can therefore be reused and costs reduced. An overview and instructions explain which tool fits the respective connector housing as well as the principle of the unlocking tool, so that work can be carried out effectively. The high quality of the Kögel Truck & Trailer Universal Set ensures that the tools do not break, meaning that contacts or connectors remain undamaged.

Kögel KTA Trailer Axle Repair Tool

Kögel has set its sights on the maintenance of the Kögel KTA Trailer Axle with another new toolbox. It has been specially developed for the  in-house trailers using the latest technical know-how available at Kögel – but even this maintenance-friendly and reliable trailer axle has to be serviced at regular intervals. The new Kögel KTA Repair Tool enables workshops to equip themselves with special tools and special assembly aids, in order to be able to provide quick and reliable customer service.

For example, the KTA Repair Tool comes complete with equipment for replacing the wishbone or aligning the axle joint. All the requisite tools are contained in a toolbox and include a practical lever, striking face holder and striking face adapter for removing and installing the cover of the brake calliper. Each item can be ordered separately if required.

"The aim of Kögel is to ensure that the users of our trailers feel secure and receive the best possible quality. We therefore support the workshops in their work wherever possible. This is not only an economic imperative, it also forms part of the quality maxim of our company", says Massimo Dodoni, Managing Director at Kögel.

Source: Kögel Trailer GmbH