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Case IH Unveils Precision Technology Updates at Agrishow Featuring New Case IH FieldOps App

CASE IH Europe, America
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  • Case IH introduces the FieldOps app, a comprehensive operations management solution designed for real-time access to agronomic and machine data across multi-branded fleets.

  • The FieldOps app aims to connect farmers with their machines, fields, teams, and partners, providing actionable insights for more profitable and productive operations.

  • Strategic collaboration with Intelsat enhances global connectivity, ensuring operators in remote locations can access the full functionalities of Case IH FieldOps.

  • Key features of the FieldOps app include data visualization, machine analytics, remote viewing of in-cab display, and a centralized management solution for all farm data.

  • Developed with direct input from farmers, the FieldOps platform is user-friendly and tailored to meet the specific needs of the agricultural community.

  • The Case IH FieldOps app is nearing the end of its development phase, with a full launch anticipated later in the year, promising enhanced operational efficiency and decision-making for farmers worldwide.

Purposefully designed to be a simplified and streamlined all-in-one operations management solution, Case IH FieldOps empowers owners and operators to manage and visualize their multi-branded fleet at anytime from anywhere.


Case IH is unveiling the FieldOps app, a new all-in-one mobile and web solution purposefully designed for farmers to connect, view and manage their operation.  FieldOps provides real-time access to agronomic, machine, and operational data, connecting farmers to their machines, fields, teams and partners and empowering them with actionable insights.

The new FieldOps app comes at a critical time with the exponential growth of connected machines. Driven by the digitization of agriculture, connected machines allow farmers to access vehicles through the cloud to drive more profitable and productive operations. These also allow dealers additional access to better service machines, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. 

There are still, however, severe limitations for those in remote areas of the globe in connecting their machines and operations. Without a mature cellular or terrestrial network for these remote operators to utilize, their options for digitization and connected fleets are significantly restricted.

Case IH has taken a significant step in enhancing connectivity options for operators worldwide. Through a strategic collaboration with Intelsat, a renowned leader in satellite communications for over 60 years, Case IH is ensuring that operators, regardless of their location, can fully utilize the functionalities of Case IH FieldOps with consistent and reliable internet access.

"At Case IH, we prioritise the seamless integration of precision technology for our customers," said Marco Lombardi, head of Case IH EMEA. "With Case IH FieldOps, we have created a centralised digital platform that simplifies access to data, enabling operators to make data-driven decisions, ultimately driving operational success."

FieldOps<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Case IH

Key features of Case IH FieldOps include:

  • Data Visualization: Instant access to real-time agronomic data and machine insights, including precise location and duty status, current machine parameters, estimated job completion time, 24-hour history, and more.

  • Machine Analytics: Users can proactively monitor machine health and quickly spot high-priority issues while staying informed with customized notifications.  Data can be viewed for any specific field over individual seasons and years, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Remote Viewing of In-Cab Display: Deeper machine monitoring and easy coordination with operators, including functionality to suggest changes.  

  • One Simple & Comprehensive Solution: Case IH FieldOps centralizes tools from the AFS Connect platform into one streamlined management solution, using data from farm operations, even for those with multi-branded fleets. This makes it easier for farmers to access their field and farm data in one platform. Case IH FieldOps is designed to be simple and understandable for users with any level of experience.

“Case IH FieldOps was developed by farmers, for farmers,” added Lombardi. “We worked directly with customers, incorporated their feedback, and developed streamlined processes that make sense for them and the way they work. The resulting platform is intuitive and easy-to-use from beginning to end.”

The Case IH FieldOps mobile and web app is currently in its final stages of development and testing, with a full release expected later in the year. Visit for more information, and to be the first to get notified when Case IH FieldOps is officially live.

Case IH Unveils Precision Technology Updates at Agrishow Featuring New Case IH FieldOps App<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Case IH

Source: Case IH