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CASE wheel loaders help UK council send zero to landfill

Biowise Limited, operating as Wastewise, opened the doors of its state-of-the-art composting facility in January 2020. The facility provides a fast and efficient composting service to the local UK council, taking household compostable waste and converting it into product-grade soil improver. At the heart of this operation are three new CASE Construction Equipment G-series wheel loaders.


The in-vessel composting (IVC) facility utilises the sector-leading Dutch GICOM technology. It is a two-stage pasteurisation and maturation process, initially heating the incoming waste using forced aeration to kill all harmful pathogens and then maturing it over a period of several weeks under optimum controlled conditions to produce a PAS-100 certified compost and soil improver. It is then screened and separated to complete the transformation from waste to product in six weeks.

A crucial part of the process is the loading of compost into the 8-metre wide, 3-metre long concrete IVC tunnels and the movement of materials for further stabilisation and screening. These activities are carried out by three CASE wheel loaders, the newly delivered CASE 721G, CASE 821G and CASE 821GXR.

“We already had four CASE F-series wheel loaders in operation at our Willerby IVC Facility,” explains Steve Wardell, Finance Director at Wastewise, “so we were already confident that these machines were up to the job. When we saw the specification of the G-series models it was an easy decision to make.

“We’ve had a long and successful relationship with Warwick Ward, our local CASE dealer and we knew that we would continue to receive a good service to support the new machines.”

The CASE 721G wheel loader is located within the IVC reception hall and loads the tunnels with up to 350 tonnes of waste. The CASE 821G and CASE 721GXR are located outside, emptying the tunnels and shifting the materials for shredding and screening. This high-load, high-speed process produces PAS-100 certified organic fertiliser for delivery to local agricultural and horticultural sectors.

“The design of the CASE wheel loader is what sets it apart for this application,” explains Ashley Ward, Managing Director, Warwick Ward. “By using the engine as the counter-balance, the weight of the machine is reduced and this lowers fuel consumption. Naturally, our customers benefit from competitive machine pricing but it is the low total cost of ownership that makes the difference in the long term, and it’s hard to beat a CASE wheel loader on operating costs.”

Wastewise has also signed a comprehensive service and maintenance contract with Warwick Ward that includes authentic CASE parts.

“The relationship that our dealers have with customers is so important and has been a key factor in our growth in the UK market,” states Joseph O’Grady, Business Director Northern Europe, CASE Construction Equipment.

“Our wheel loaders are a flagship product for us in the UK and across Europe,” continues O’Grady. “They are unsurpassed in waste applications thanks to the combination of power and efficiency. CASE wheel loaders demonstrate best-in-class break-out force but combine this with superior cabs for operator comfort. These machines work hard and help operators to be safe and effective for longer. This is demonstrated so clearly in the work that they will be doing for Wastewise.”

Source: CASE Construction Equipment