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Catros XL 3003

Catros XL compact disc harrows

With the new Catros XL 3003, 3503 and 4003 model range, AMAZONE strengthens its mounted compact disc harrow programme in the 3 to 4 m sector. In contrast to the previous Catros and Catros + models, the new Catros XL feature bigger discs with a diameter of 610 mm and thus are designed for working depths of up to 16 cm. In this way, the new Catros XL fills the gap between the previous Catros and Catros + models, with working depths of up to 14 cm, and the Certos heavy compact disc harrows that are able to work down to depths of 20 cm.


Due to the large 610 mm diameter discs and the wide spacing in between the disc rows as well as between the last disc row and the roller, the new Catros XL compact disc harrow is characterised in particular by the easy passage of large amounts of organic matter. Thanks to its open frame construction with plenty of clearance, the new Catros is perfectly suited to the incorporation of catch crops, grain maize straw or potato haulm. Further scope of application includes stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation after the plough. Working speeds of between 12 to 18 km/h guarantee a high acreage output and yet with a very good quality of work.

As an alternative to the coarse-serrated 610 mm convex discs which are ideal for large quantities of plant matter and have a good self-driving ability, AMAZONE also offers finely serrated discs which ensure, even at shallow operation, soil movement over the entire working width and a finely crumbled seedbed.

The discs are individually suspended and protected from damage via sprung rubber mountings that also ensure good ground contour adaptation. The maintenance-free, oil-immersed bearings on the discs are identical with those found on the Catros compact disc harrows and have been proven many tens of thousand times over and, like all other Catros models, the position of the bearings mean that they are protected from the soil flow. The disc stagger of 12.5 cm and the steep 17° angle of attack on the front row of discs and 14° at the rear row ensure an overall tilling effect and a perfect mixing-in of organic matter and the perfect penetration into the soil.

For a clean matching to the next bout when driving track to track, the new Catros XL are equipped with individually-adjustable side discs. In the 3 and 4 m versions these discs can be simply folded in for road transport to maintain the relevant transport width.

Amazone - Catros XL 3003

Simple adjustment of the working depth

The working depth of the discs is similar to that found on the third generation Catros 03, where the complete disc carriers are rotated with the aid of four-sided link arms. When re-adjusting the working depth, this link arm connection between the first and the second disc row always ensures that both gangs of discs work at the same depth. Any adjustment can be carried out, from choice, either mechanically via setting spindles or during work from the tractor cab via the more comfortable optional hydraulic actuation.

Linking to the tractor

The tractor linkage system on the Catros XL offers a high level of flexibility. The coupling of the lower link arms is carried out via a Cat. 3 pin. However, by simply reversing the pin in the lower link journal, a spacing of either Cat. 3 or Cat. 2 can be achieved. Two different mounting heights are available for the top link pin.

Wide roller programme


Depending on ground conditions and soil type, and to ensure optimum soil contact, the new Catros XL can be combined with ten different rollers for reconsolidation and depth guidance. For operation on medium and changeable soils, the wedge ring roller is available whereas, for working on sandy soils, the UW U-Profile or DUW double U-Profile rollers offer the best solution. And especially suited to heavy and clay soils is the WW angle profile roller with knives or the DW Disc Roller. For use in seedbed preparation there are many other rollers available as well as a tined following harrow.

Source: AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG