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CDE doubles size of US office in North Carolina

CDE Global, which has its headquarters in Cookstown, today announced that it has doubled its presence in North America, with the creation of four new jobs.

The company says this investment is a demonstration of their commitment to the significant opportunities within this key market and forms part of the company’s growth strategy for 2020 which will see the team target a significant increase in sales in North America.

The recruits will be joining the office in Cary, North Carolina, which is responsible for sales, engineering and after sales care for customers in the US and Canada.

CDE Global designs and manufactures materials washing and classification equipment with applications in a variety of sectors; construction, recycling, mining, specialist industrial sands and environmental. The regional office network has a presence in Kolkata (India), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Cary (North America).

Brendan McGurgan, managing director of CDE Global, said: “The size of the market across all sectors makes North America a continent where there is a significant opportunity for the company to target and, while it is competitive, we believe that our people, along with our supply chain and the energy efficient nature of our products, will set CDE apart. Achieving significant growth in market share in the US and Canada will form a major part of our global growth strategy to 2020 and we look forward to realising its full potential in the coming years.

“There are several reasons why we chose Cary as the location for this office. First and foremost it is half way along the north coast, which positions us in the best time zone to engage with the North American market. It is also situated close to the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, one of the largest research parks in the world. Almost all Fortune 500 companies have a presence in this area. The infrastructure is good, with an airport close to the new office, and we are also in the vicinity of some great engineering schools for new recruits.”

Joel Prince, general manager of CDE Global in North Carolina, said: “At this point there are eight of us working in the office made up of business development executives and senior design engineers. We really value a blend of technical and commercial talent and we have been fortunate to find that by working with Virginia Tech, a local university.

“It was important that we continued the ethos of the CDE headquarters in Cookstown in our office in North Carolina, so of the eight of us currently in the office four are from Northern Ireland and four are from America. The local community also shares many similarities with Northern Ireland so it was a natural fit for our base to be here.”

Mr Prince added: “There is a strong tradition of machine export from Northern Ireland to North America and there is a respect for the craftsmanship. There is a lot of skill in Northern Ireland and our customers will be aware of that. It is important to remember that every machine we sell in North America will help to support job creation back in Northern Ireland.”

CDE Global currently employs 140 people in Cookstown with a sister company, CDEnviro employing a further 28 people.

Source: CDE