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CDE launch R-Series primary screens

Materials washing specialists, CDE Global has announced the launch of the R-Series range of primary screens which have been designed to optimise feed to the turnkey wash plants they provide and reduce the requirement for a dedicated operator to feed the processing plant.

The new range includes 2 new machines. The R1500 has a maximum feed capacity of 200 tonnes per hour while the larger R2500 machine offers a maximum feed capacity of 500 tonnes per hour. Both machines are suitable for use in the pre-screening of a range of materials including sand & gravel, crushed rock, C&D waste, topsoil, coal, salt, iron ore and other mineral ores.

The R-Series combines a feed hopper, screen and conveyors in a variety of different configurations. The feed hopper on the R1500 has a maximum capacity of 7 tonnes when fitted with the optional extendable hopper sides while the hopper capacity on the R2500 unit rises to 20 tonnes. Both machines can be provided with either a belt feed or apron feed. The hopper has been designed to allow for feed to be delivered to the R-Series from three sides to allow maximum flexibility to cope with specific site conditions.

Speaking about the R-Series Stewart Cusick, Product Development Engineer at CDE Global said “The R-Series allows for a constant, even flow of material to be delivered to the integrated screen before being sent for additional screening, washing and sizing. The hopper capacity – particularly on the R2500 machine – allows for charge filling of the hopper which frees up an operator and vehicle to complete other jobs on site ultimately reducing the level of operator intervention required with your processing plant.”

Kevin Vallelly, Product Development Manager at CDE explained that the R-Series was developed as an efficient delivery system when more difficult materials are being processed. “Whether it’s C&D waste material, sticky iron ore or claybound crushed rock we’re increasingly helping our customers design systems which are able to process more challenging materials” says Kevin. “A key part of ensuring your processing plant performs at maximum efficiency with minimum operator intervention is getting the feed system right and we spent over 2 years developing the R-Series which included extensive testing at sites in Ireland, UK, Germany and Scandinavia on a wide variety of different materials. This has led to the launch of the R-Series which allows our customers to maximise the production capacity of their additional processing phases by ensuring a consistent flow of material to the plant.”

The R-Series sees the introduction of two new galvanised Infinity screens from CDE, both of which include their new patented side wall technology which they say eliminates welds and results in a stronger, lighter screen which produces the same acceleration as traditional screens while using less power. The R1500 includes the Infinity P1-36R screen which measures 2.4m x 1.5m (8x5ft) while the R2500 integrates the Infinity P2-75R screen measuring 5m x 1.5m (16x5ft). “The basis for the Infinity screen design was to screen better, last longer and cost less to run” explains Kevin Vallelly. “The only assumptions we made from a design perspective was that the screen needed to be rectangular and have one, two or three screen decks. We are able to screen better because of design features like the Rosta suspension mounts which ensure maximum transfer of energy to the material. We eliminated welds from the side walls and the screens are galvanised as standard to deliver on the promise to last longer. It’s our patented design of the side walls that allow us to ensure the screen is strengthened where it needs to be without including unnecessary weight. This allows us to produce a screen that requires less power to run.”

There are many other design features on the Infinity screens which are a result of the ‘screen better, last longer, cost less to run’ design philosophy. The cartridge design of the screen decks maximises plant life as it increases the durability of otherwise welded joints. The Infinity range also included the development of cast U-Span cross members which are also weld free and significantly reduce floor flex – reducing stress and extending the life of the machine. “In addition to the extensive on site testing that our equipment goes through we use many other virtual testing programmes during the design phase including Finite Element Analysis” explains Kevin Vallelly. “This gives us the confidence in our design and ensures that when it gets to on-site testing of our machines it is final tweaks and minor changes that are required. There is no doubt that our comprehensive, disciplined testing procedures are hugely important to our ambition to continue to bring new products to the market every year.”

Further weight is removed from the screen thanks to the unique design of the screen shaft which reduces the mass of the shaft assembly while still generating the same force as a solid shaft - which contributes further to the drive for energy efficiency. Extensive use of replaceable wear liners at every feed and impact point maximises plant life and includes such features as a magnetic polyurethane cover on the screen shaft, tapered rubber chutes at the screen discharge point and easy to replace steel wear plates in the R-Series feed hopper.

The R-Series utilises SKF bearings with a unique double seal arrangement, which prevents contamination during operation of the screen by reducing the risk of material and water ingress, reducing the time required and cost of essential plant maintenance and maximises production from the machine.

Site safety is considered on the R-Series with the raising of the side walls of the screen to prevent rogue rocks from bouncing off the top deck of the screen. The two machines in the R-Series also include 800mm galvanised walkways to ensure site operators have quick, easy and safe access for essential machine inspection and maintenance.

Stockpiling and delivery of material to your additional processing phases is facilitated with the inclusion of 9m (30ft) feed and stockpile conveyors in a variety of configurations depending on the specific requirements of your project. The 9m (30ft) stockpile conveyor for oversize material allows for a stockpile capacity of 150m3 (196yd3). The R-Series includes a collection conveyor underneath the integrated Infinity screen which delivers material to an additional stockpile conveyor, or directly to the feed boot of the M2500 or M4500 modular washing plants.

Source: CDE