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CECE presents sustainability and emissions-related policy at CNHi International Media Event

CNHi International Media Event
CECE Europe
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CNHi International Media Event

Hosted at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin on 25th June, the International Media Event was the occasion for a closer look at the #TETRAProject, a methane-powered concept wheel loader by CASE Construction.

The event was opened by CNHi President Construction Carl-Gustaf Goransson and the concept machine was presented by its head designer, David Wilkie, Director of the CNH Industrial Design Centre.

CECE’s Riccardo Viaggi was invited to deliver a keynote presentation on the topic of sustainability and emissions reduction from the European perspective, to offer the media an overview of this policy area by the EU.

The occasion was perfect for CECE to shine some light into this area of a key trend for the construction industry and share information with the press community of the work of CECE in this area. Indeed, the contribution offered by CECE revolved around the concept of market-driven innovation delivering productivity-enhancing tools to machinery users.

Riccardo Viaggi insisted on the stark difference between the CECE approach to CO2 emissions’ reduction – also known as the 4-pillars approach – and some of the tendencies by regulators & policy-makers, that call into question the principle of technology neutrality.


Source: CECE - Committee for European Construction Equipment