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CIFA showcases the hybrid technology of the future at bauma

The company patented its first hybrid concrete mixer in 2013, confirming its pole position in hybrid technology. At Bauma 2019 it presents a full range of concrete machinery, from transport to pumping


At Bauma 2019, hybrid technology confirms itself as a strategic choice for concrete machinery manufacturers. A choice which an increasing number of players are embracing, to provide products guaranteeing energy saving and respect for the environment.

A pioneer of this technology - with the first prototype of its hybrid concrete mixer presented in 2013, a total of 4 patents – over the last 7 years CIFA has continuously invested in hybrid development, adjusting its products to customer requirements.

The technical solution developed by CIFA consists of a fully electric mixer kit where batteries may be charged using 3 different charging modes: plug-in, Truck IC engine and KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System).

The company has developed a range of machinery for all kinds of concrete, currently operative on all major markets in the world, from concrete mixers, shotcrete machines, right up to the latest hybrid truck-mixer-pump, the MK28E, presented on occasion of Bauma 2019.

Indeed this latest machine is a culmination of the finest of what CIFA has to offer, combining hybrid and carbon fibre technology. In this case, hybrid technology is used for concrete pumping, drum rotation, machinery stabilisation and arm handling.

What makes the CIFA patent, registered in 2013, so special is that for the first time ever the concrete sector has seen the application of hybrid technology to concrete mixer operation. This main registered patent has since come to be supported by additional ones, regarding machine functionality and performance.

Major advantages achieved thanks to these patents include: reduced consumption, slashing on-site CO2 emissions by 30%, reduced noise levels and no compromise on performance, guaranteeing operation with all types of concrete.

"At Bauma, we are proud to present the latest evolutions of the technology created along with our mixers 7 years ago, now applied to CIFA truck-mixer-pumps. During these years of collaboration with customers, we have acquired the know-how to respond to increasingly demanding market requests", confirms the CEO of CIFA, Davide Cipolla. "The fact that other players are now turning towards hybrid proves that our market strategy is a winning one. Innovation has been our very lifeblood for over 90 years and our pioneering spirit has always distinguished our modus operandi, from research to market offers."

Source: CIFA SpA