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Cirrus 6003-2 now with the option of TwinTeC+double disc coulters

Amazone has introduced a new TwinTeC+ double disc coulter for its Cirrus 6003-2 and 6003-2C 6-m-large area sowing combinations. This makes the Cirrus the first seed drill from Amazone which, depending on choice and the individual farm situation, can be equipped with either the renowned RoTeC single disc coulter or with the new TwinTeC+ double disc coulter system.

The coulter systems in comparison


The RoTeC pro single disc coulters show their strength above all where large amounts of harvest residues prevail and on light to moist-heavy and sticky soils. Additionally, when sowing on narrow row spacings and where a good passage of material is necessary in wet, sticky sowing conditions, the RoTeC pro system is also the right choice. On the other hand, the Cirrus in combina-tion with TwinTeC+ coulters is the ideal seed drill for working in hard, dry and cloddy sowing conditions, on heavily-changing soils and hilly, undulating ground and in fields with poor structure and no traffic carrying ability.

In addition to the site specific focus of operation, there are further system related differences. So, the seed furrows with the RoTeC pro coulters are cleared whereas with the TwinTeC+ coulters they are cut. With RoTeC pro, the Cirrus operates at an optimum speed range from 8 to 16 km/h, whereas with TwinTeC+ at 10 to 20 km/h. Both systems can be supplied with a row spacing of 16.6 cm, however the Cirrus with RoTeC pro coulters also comes with a row spacing of 12.5 cm. For the RoTeC pro coulter, the Cirrus can be equipped with the following Exact harrow III-S for differing conditions or with the Roller harrow. The TwinTeC+ coulter always includes a following depth guidance roller and in addition, here still, a coulter harrow can be specified as well.

Completely new development

The TwinTeC+ double disc coulter system is characterised by a number of technical innovations. As such it features a stepless, hydraulic adjustment of the coulter pressure from 15 to 100 kg. In this way the pressure can be matched to changing soil conditions quickly and easily. As the pressure supply is carried out via a constant oil circuit, the consistent depth guidance of the coulters, even in changeable soil contours, is ensured.

Irrespective of the pressure, the working depth of the coulters can be adjusted. For this, Amazone has equipped the machine with a comfortable, central setting system, which is mechanically operated via centralised crank handles.

The very robust 380 mm diameter TwinTeC+ double disc coulters each are fitted to a basic coulter body. With its robust construction, the deflection of the coulters at the coulter beam is designed for operation under the most arduous of conditions. Fitted behind each coulter is a 380 mm diameter Control+ depth guidance roller with rubber tyre which absolutely perfectly follows the seed groove. It is attached to the coulter via a special wheel carrier made from hardened and tempered steel. Matched to light, medium or heavy soil condi-tions, depth guidance rollers with running widths of 50 mm, 65 mm or 80 mm can be fitted from choice. To the second coulter row, and as an option, a coulter harrow can be fitted to the wheel carriers. Via an adjustable linkage, the operating intensity of the harrow can be set in three steps.

Source: AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG

Amazone Cirrus 6003-2 C-RoTeC on LECTURA Specs
Amazone Cirrus 6003-2 RoTeC on LECTURA Specs