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CLAAS API connects to Farm Management Information Systems

CLAAS has developed the new CLAAS API to provide an interface between TELEMATICS and third party Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) – making it much simpler for farmers to use their chosen software solution for planning and documentation.

Data exchange with TELEMATICS


The CLAAS API enables Farm Management Systems to easily exchange data with TELEMATICS. The open standard interface with defined processes and support mechanisms is available to all interested suppliers of Farm Management Systems. To connect their TELEMATICS system to their chosen FMIS, farmers simply have to enable data exchange in TELEMATICS. A simple connection dialogue box is provided to assist them. Once this process is complete, data are exchanged between the connected systems automatically. This makes documentation tasks easier for the farmer and avoids errors and data losses.

TELEMATICS is a digital data transfer system which continuously retrieves and records work data, tracks and yield data from connected CLAAS combine harvesters, forage harvesters and tractors. All data are transmitted via the mobile phone network from the machines to the server, where they are processed and stored. Farmers can access and evaluate their data online via the TELEMATICS website using a farm PC, laptop or smartphone.

The “automatic documentation" add-on module automatically assigns recorded data to the fields which have been worked.

The CLAAS API enables field boundaries, for example, to be synchronised with TELEMATICS. This allows them to be maintained centrally in one system. Automatic documentation data on consumption, time and yield for individual fields can then be transferred to the Field Management System.

Several partners on board

In preparation for launching the CLAAS API, several FMIS suppliers have already enabled the data exchange system:

  • 365FarmNet

  • Cropio

  • Trimble

  • CLIMATE FieldView

  • OMNIA (H. L. Hutchinson Ltd.)

  • mySOYL (SOYL a division of Frontier Agriculture)


  • MyEasyFarm

  • Biogaspower (LivingLogic)

Further FMIS suppliers are expected to follow in future.

Source: CLAAS