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CLAAS invests in the digital future

CLAAS is investing in the digital future, and recently laid the foundation stone for a new electronics development centre in the town of Dissen, southern Lower Saxony.


"Information and communications technologies will play key roles in the future of CLAAS. We selected the location carefully, and are delighted that we can now proceed to the actual building phase", explains Thomas Böck, responsible for technology and systems on the CLAAS Executive Board.

Foundation setting of the future CLAAS E-Systems building, from the left: Uwe Teltschik (MBN Bau AG), Volker Claas (CLAAS shareholder), Theodor Wilken (Spokesman of the MBN Bau AG Executive Board), Dr. Michael Lübbersmann (District Administrator Osnabrück), Lothar Kriszun (Spokesman of the CLAAS Group Executive Board), Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser (Chairwoman of the CLAAS Supervisory Board ), Thomas Böck (CLAAS Group Executive Board, Technology and Systems), Reinhold Claas (CLAAS shareholder), Dr. Carsten Hoff (Managing Director CLAAS E-Systems), Hartmut Nümann (Mayor of Dissen), Rainer Spiering (Member of the German Bundestag).

The international agricultural machinery company is investing a seven-figure sum in the south of Lower Saxony. Construction work on the roughly five-hectare property, which is located directly adjacent to the Dissen motorway junction, is scheduled for completion in 2017. In future, the actual ‘lord of the manor’ in the new development centre will be CLAAS E-Systems. CLAAS pooled its electronics expertise in this new subsidiary in 2014. Over 150 employees work here developing control units, electronics architectures, terminals, camera systems, automatic satellite-guided steering systems and many other solutions for an increasingly digital, networked agricultural sector. The staff at CLAAS E-Systems came here from a variety of CLAAS subsidiaries in Gütersloh, Harsewinkel, Bad Saulgau, Paderborn and Denmark.

CLAAS had already purchased one of the leading agricultural software companies back in 1998, and has integrated it successfully within the Group. Since then, a highly capable range of technologies designed to increase efficiency has emerged at the Gütersloh site under the brand name EASY. CLAAS has become one of the leading providers of solutions in the area of precision farming, and has received numerous awards for its innovative developments.

Source: CLAAS