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New Hybrid T4 on demo near Kaunas, Lithuania, 9 August 2017 Go to photo
New Hybrid T4 on demo near Kaunas, Lithuania, 9 August 2017

Claydon expansion in Baltic area

We have now partnered with DOJUS group who are sole representatives of the Claydon range of machinery in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Kaliningrad.

DOJUS group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The biggest company in the group - DOJUS agro - is based in Lithuania.  It is one of the country’s largest importers of high quality western agricultural machinery.  In the Baltic region, it is a leading player in the sale of agricultural machinery. 

Claydon’s expertise and 15 years’ experience in direct strip till was something that appealed to DOJUS group.

The patented leading tine on the Claydon drill moves just enough soil in the seeding zone for strong root development and water to drain away from the seed.


Dangis Valaitis, Product Manager at DOJUS agro states: “Claydon offer complete crop establishment technology, and are proven specialists in the area. The company manufactures only this type of machinery, ensuring it gets full attention with a focus on innovation, development and refinement of these machines alone,” added Mr Valaitis.

Spencer Claydon, Commercial Director for Claydon, states: “We already have customers in Latvia who have been using our machines for a number of years, with great results. But having an established, well-respected distributor like DOJUS, with their solid infrastructure and wide network, means we can serve existing and future Claydon customers much more effectively.”

Claydon Drills are particularly suited to the Baltic region, as they can deliver fertiliser along with seed in their split hoppers; reducing the time taken to establish crops is important for countries with shorter daylight hours at drilling time, and this is where Claydon technology has a clear advantage. Drilling into stubble also means that crops are left with a protective layer of crop residue and mulch during cold winters to offer some protection against severe frosts and wind chill.

Source: Claydon Seed Drills


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