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Cleaner Cut for Easingwold’s Greens, Thanks to Toro

Following the arrival of two new Toro mowers, Easingwold Golf Club reported a cleaner cut across its 18-hole course , set ust south of Easingwold, North Yorkshire.


The Club’s course manager, Andre Erlah, has been at Easingwold for 15 years and recently took delivery of a Toro® Greensmaster® TriFlex™ 3400 greens mower and a Reelmaster® 5510-D fairway mower.

With his favourite of the two being the Greensmaster, Erlah comments on the machine’s benefits: “Alongside increased reliability and reduced fuel consumption, the primary benefit for us has to be the quality of cut. We’re getting a cleaner cut, a better pace on the greens, and can now cut at 4mm instead of 3mm. Being able to have longer blades means there is less stress on the grass.”

The cleaner cut noted by Erlah can be attributed to the Greensmaster TriFlex 3400’s precision manufactured cutting units, which maintain adjustments for longer periods of time to provide superior cutting performance. The machine’s suspension system is also designed to provide a slight lift to the inside of the cutting units during turns, to deliver a consistent level cut and to reduce the ‘triplex ring’ for improved playability and turf health.

“Ease of use and maintenance are also key factors in choosing Toro,” Erlah adds. “The machines are quick and easy to access; not fiddley like others can be.

“Paul Nichols at Russell Groundcare [local Toro dealer] is also great and very supportive. If there are any issues, he’s on it straight away.”

For Erlah’s greenskeeping team of five, comfort ranks at the top of their list of priorities. “The guys all like Toros too,” he says. “They find them comfortable and easy to use. It’s important operators feel comfortable in the machines. A happy greens staff is a happy me,” he says.

Both Erlah and his team are happy with the new arrivals, and it is not surprising that the Club’s upcoming investment plans include the addition of a rough mower and another Greensmaster mower in the not too distant future.

Source: TORO